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If you need one more reason to stop saying "mental illness," observe that sometimes our opponents can inform us about what may be an effective strategy. In 2010, the annual federally-funded Alternatives Conference that gathers up to 1,000 mental health consumers and psychiatric together to discuss peer-run projects, was politically attacked afterwards primarily because organizers from their program and publicity materials.

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Not all students begin their research paper concerned with big issues such as masculinity or American wars over the past half century. Some start with very specific topics in mind. One example might be the decision to create NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement encompassing Canada, the United States, and Mexico. Perhaps you are interested in NAFTA because you discussed it in a course, heard about it in a political campaign, or saw its effects firsthand on local workers, companies, and consumers. It intrigues you, and you would like to study it in a research paper. The challenge is to go from this clear-cut subject to a larger theme that will frame your paper.

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Drawing on these primary and secondary sources, you can uncover and critique the reasons behind U.S. military escalation. As you answer this well-defined question about Vietnam, you can (and you should) return to the larger themes that interest you, namely, “What does the escalation in Southeast Asia tell us about the global projection of U.S. military power since 1945?” As one of America’s largest military engagements since World War II, the war in Vietnam should tell us a great deal about the more general question.


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My call is about opposing domination by any model in this complex field. My call is about opposing bullying in mental health care.

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Any discussion of the language of madness needs to include a mention of how Martin Luther King, Jr., in over ten of his speeches and essays, said he was proud to be psychologically "." It is highly recommended that everyone who cares about change in the mental health system become familiar with Martin Luther King's use of this term "maladjusted." For at least a decade, he said in a variety of ways, "Human salvation lies in the hands of the creatively maladjusted." In fact, he even repeatedly said the world was in dire need of a new organization, the "International Association for the Advancement of Creative Maladjustment" ().

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Maybe you have a strong voice and something to say about your own (or a loved one’s) experience with mental health/illness, addiction, sobriety, treatment, etc. Or perhaps you have a story or angle that you feel like people haven’t heard about too much (or at all), whether it's because the topic is challenging or because voices like yours aren’t heard that often. Perhaps you want to share analysis or insight about the intersection of mental health and another part of your identity, like race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexuality, size, ability, or socioeconomic status. Maybe you want to share things you’ve learned about addiction or recovery, or round up things you wish you knew about in-patient mental health treatment before experiencing it. Or maybe you want to share the things that have helped you since you got a diagnosis.

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From October 2 through 8, 2017, BuzzFeed Health will be publishing a lineup of content (reporting, essays, first-person accounts, videos, and more) on mental health, mental illness, access to care, treatment, and related topics. It’s timed to coincide with and our goal is to amplify the voices and stories of people for whom mental illness has played a key role in their lives.

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After all, English is a living language that changes. Back when psychiatrist Loren Mosher created a model alternatives, "Soteria House," the idea of a peer was just about anyone who did not have mental health training. In other words, a caring member of the general public was considered a "peer." But more and more, we are hearing the term "peer" somehow become used as shorthand for "person who has used officially licensed mental health services."