John Proctor is one of the main characters in The Crucible.

John Proctor, a character in the play written by Arthur Miller, The Crucible could be depicted as the tragic hero. According to the philosopher Aristotle, a tragic hero undergoes a reversal of fortune from happiness to misery caused due to some flaw or error of judgement on his part. This flaw or error when combined with ill-fate or some negative external influence results in tragedy. In this play, John Proctor’s flaw was his lust for Abigail Williams coupled with a series of unfortunate events which ultimately proved to be fatal and led to his tragic death. Abigail’s jealousy and evil intentions brought suffering on his loved ones who were either jailed or executed. However, John Proctor fought bravely for his loved ones and his reputation even in the face of death. Proctor was not born into luxury but he was a common man who displayed remarkable courage, dignity and confessed to all his misdeeds. Despite his flaws, Proctor is able to evoke sympathy from the audience thus qualifying himself to be a tragic hero of this play.

One of the main characters is John Proctor.

John Proctor is the tragic hero of this story.

Throughout the play, John Proctor shows one strong side of himself.

John Proctor’s character in The Crucible is a static character because throughout the play, John Proctor stays true to himself and remains harsh and adamant about his beliefs about the trials and he tries his best to expose the lies and set the truth free....

The Crucible - John Proctor, a man with pride

The central character in Salem is John Proctor, an outspoken, successful, and well-respected farmer who chooses to maintain a certain distance from the church.

John Proctor is one of the main characters in the play and is also the tragic hero.

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Later he shows his authority by getting the last words in an argument with Mary Warren, “Good night, then!” (57)
John Proctor’s tragic flaw is his temper.

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The character John Proctor seems to represent and show the viewpoint of a real man, unaffected by hysteria; a difficult thing to portray during the 1950's in the USA, due to the fear and hate of Communism and the 'witch' hunt for communists.

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John Proctor died for his name, and many other reasons. He was a man of pride. He possessed the qualities of persistency, honesty, and integrity. With those attributes, I am sure he was rewarded his prize in heaven

In the end John Proctor tried to do the right thing by saving his wife from his own sins....

John Proctor is the central character of the play....

Abigail Williams’s lust for John Proctor and her desire for attention motivate her to falsely accuse innocent women of witchcraft, resulting in the regret and desperation she feels in regard to the choices she...

The main issues running through out the play are a series of dilemmas that John Proctor faces.

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When the play sets in to action, John has had a past affair with his servant Abigail Williams. His wife, Elizabeth Proctor is very forgiving of his sin, but John has his mind set that he will not confess to anyone else, in fear of ruining his good name, and reputation. The affair between John and Abigail caused the start of chaotic witchery and accusation. After the affair, Abigail became horribly jealous of Elizabeth Proctor. Proctor realizes there is only one way to stop all the witch hysteria in Salem, and that would be to confess his sin of adultery. Although he knows he should, he continues to be determined not to confess. Also in the beginning Reverend Paris is new to town, and John insist continually that he is only speaking of hell, and hardly ever of God, as Proctor goes on to say to Parris, "Can you speak one minute without we land in Hell again? I am sick of Hell!" (Miller 30). In the drama, Mary Warren places a needle in a poppet she gave to Elizabeth; John firmly demands that Mary Warren tell the courts that she really put the needle in the poppet that day. Proctor says to her, "You're coming to the court with me, Mary. You will tell it in the court." (Miller 80). Furthermore, at the end of the play Proctor is persistent by saying that no matter what anyone says to convince him differently, he would rather die an honest man and save his name. John Proctor took pride in his thoughts, feelings, values, and his name. It took persistency to make his intent clear to others.

How does John Proctor’s great dilemma change during the course of the play?

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Arthur Miller’s The Crucible’s protagonist John Proctor proves to be a flawed human being who struggles to make sense of his past relationship with Abigail, his love for his wife, and his pride....