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Some people misunderstand the rights and duties of global citizenship because they lack education about them “Improving the education of democracy is helping people to know their rights” (Heater 2004, 77).

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Global citizenship has gradually developed from a simple concept among many individuals who learn about it to an actual practice a process that is attributed to technological advancements. Therefore ‘global responsibilities’ which is usually used interchangeably with global citizenship has grown courtesy of technological advancement more specifically the internet (Schattle, 2008). One of the defining responsibilities of a global citizen is being aware of self and the awareness of others (Olds, 2012). Technological advancements have been very crucial in creating awareness of other cultures as well as a deeper understanding of one’s culture since the information is readily available on the internet. Another responsibility of a global citizen is the participation in the social and political life of an individual’s community (Olds, 2012). Technological advancements have facilitated the interaction of global citizens thus enabling them to participate in the social responsibilities such as raising awareness of global warming, oppressive political regimes and other factors thus making global citizenship effective.

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