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The International English Language Testing System, or IELTS / ˈ aɪ

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English as International Language Essay Examples

In a perfect world, it would be marvellous to have the choice as to what the future international language would be, but unfortunately for both us English teachers and language planners all over the world, things are not that simple.
It is both economic power and military power that dictates the ascendancy or otherwise of a language. To suggest otherwise, such as the inherent simplicity of a language (esperanto anyone?) or its previous strength (err, Latin??), is a fallacy. Latin was powerful because of the Roman Empire. Ancient Greek was powerful because of the Greek Empire. French became powerful in the last two or three hundred years because of their increasing power globally. Conversely, where is French now in the international league of languages?? Languishing miserably are two words that come to mind! French power in the world since being kicked out of North Africa in the 1950's and 1960's has been on the wane and this is reflected in the diminishing importance of .
And so to English. Which has had the double whammy advantage of two hundred years of the British Empire which put it in a position of strength. And then the United States has taken up the baton and gone on from there, changing both grammar and vocabulary but still increasing the domination of a language which is still very much English.
And my point is?? We therefore have to look to the world of politics for our answers. Is China going to become a true super power within fifty years? Possible. Will Spanish "take over" in North America leading both Americas to become Spanish-speaking? Possible but less so. Our answers, though, to the question raised come from well outside the fields of ESL and Linguistics.
Caroline Hinds, Toronto

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This informative and engaging double lesson aims to improve students’ ability to compare and contrast two different texts based on a similar subject. They will focus particularly on the purpose, audience, language, and structure of texts, and will learn to use comparing and contrasting connectives to highlight any similarities and differences. This has always been a crucial skill in English, but has an increased importance in the new GCSE for English Language, as there is a greater requirement for students to be able to make links and comparisons between texts.

The lesson follows a clear and logical learning journey, with students learning to:
- Understand the key terms 'compare' and 'contrast', and the importance of these skills in English;
- Categorise the different features that they can compare, under the headings 'Purpose', 'Audience', 'Language' and 'Structure;'
- Read (and identify the key features within) two morally and ethically intriguing texts, offering diverse views of young people in the media;
-Compare the two texts, using a clear and concise template, and newly-acquired knowledge of different types of connectives;
- Peer-assess each other's comparative essay attempts.

Included in this resource pack are:
- Whole double lesson, colourful and engaging PowerPoint presentation (Including assessment for learning referral slides)
- Cards for card-sorting activity;
- Two interesting and thought-provoking non-fiction media extracts (one a newspaper extract from The Evening Standard, and another a persuasive leaflet, both focused on the issue of how young people are perceived.)
- Template for main comparative analysis task;
- Full teacher guidance plan.

All images are licensed for commercial use and are cited on the final slide of the PowerPoint presentation

English as a Global language Essay Example for Free
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The political and linguistic obstacles to the use of one language for international business are assessed, and cultural differences between English and Japanese are seen as quite complex.

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It's true English is a international language through it we ..

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