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This booklet documents twentieth-century curiosity about Livingstone's informants and guides, while still heroicizing Livingstone, imperial exploration, and Christian conversion.This essay proposes that we investigate the 1870 Field Diary as a record of information gathered from multiple, overlapping and competing sources, even though the diary (and other records of like it) have typically been read as a single source, first-hand account of European travel in Africa.

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David Livingstone Essay, Research Paper David Livingstone is a Scottish missionary and physician

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This essay examines David Livingstone’s posthumous reputation, focusing on his status as an icon of the British Empire. It overviews the numerous biographies that have taken him as their subject and explores the changing ways in which Livingstone was represented as the British Empire developed and declined. This “metabiographical” approach enables us to trace Livingstone’s evolving public image, from the late nineteenth century to the present, as re-written and re-imagined for a range of socio-political purposes.

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David Livingstone is one of the most written about figures of the nineteenth century. From the 1870s until at least the 1950s, hundreds of books were published that celebrated his life and work in Africa. In light of the sheer volume of attention that Livingstone has attracted, it has become increasingly important not just to study the man, but to study his mythology. No longer is it only Livingstone’s life that is of interest, but rather what has been called his cultural “after-life” (MacKenzie 1996).

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Discover facts about the Victorian missionary Dr David Livingstone who explored Africa. Find out why he was a national hero.

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