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Watching this film also drives home how progressive King’s book was. The Susan Norton of the book is mature, generally sensible, and pretty straightforward about wanting an equitable and respectful relationship. The Susan of the film (played by Bonnie Bedelia, later of and fame) is self-deprecating, generally silent, and nearly passive from start to finish…not to mention the fact that the two heroes of this version of the story are Ben, her boyfriend, and her father, making her a weird sort of prize for the two of them, rather than a partner in the vampire-hunting. In the end, it turns out the film was much more a piece of “the moment” in a way King’s book would never be.

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Does the author offer evidence that any of the factions are complete and virtuous?

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: Fans of gritty British dramas like (be still, my heart!) will adore Copper, another original scripted police procedural, this time set on the streets of New York in the 1860’s. At the center of the drama is Kevin Corcoran, a driven, intense Irish immigrant who refuses to give in to the corruption that stains the law enforcement of his city. This leads Kevin into some dangerous confrontations, but also allows him into places where other policemen are never allowed, leading to a show that is continuously gripping and surprising. Our patron was heartbroken that there were only two seasons, but assures us all that they are each phenomenal!

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has been touted as several things, all at once: a horror movie, a gothic romance, and, perhaps, most interestingly, as a feminist revisionary tale. While the jury still seems to be out on whether it has succeeded in any of these categories, what everyone seems to agree on is that fact that this is probably one of the most unabashedly lush, visually detailed, and simply beautiful films you will see in quite some time. Guillermo Del Toro doesn’t just use all the crayons in the box…he melts them down and creates new ones, because there simply aren’t enough colors (or textures, or nuances) in our everyday world for him, and the results are sometimes overwhelming, sometimes a little garish, but they are always extraordinary in their own way.

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2) There actually is a thing called phobophobia, which is the fear of developing a phobia (which just seems like a cruel meta-joke to me, but anyways…)

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