English arose as the predominant language of the United States.

If you randomly select two people in Cameroon, for instance, there is a 97 percent likelihood that they will have different mother tongues. In the United States, there is only a 33 percent likelihood that this is going to happen. You can click on the various countries shown in the map above to find out how the United States compares with other countries.

4. Many popular languages are spoken in more than just one country

The reason why English, French and Spanish are among the world’s most widespread languages has its roots in the imperial past of the nations where they originate.

5. English is widely used as an official language

Note: English is not a de jure official language in the United Kingdom, United States, and Australia. Source:
However, whether a country has English as its official language says little about how its citizens really communicate with one another. In some of the nations highlighted above, only a tiny minority learned English as a native language.

6. Nevertheless, most languages are spoken only by a handful of people. That’s why about half of the world’s languages will disappear by the end of the century

Currently, the United States has no designated official language

English is the official language of 51 nations and 27 states in the United States of America....

Should the United States Make English the Official language

A history and pattern of language used in China- starting from the days of language in the imperial court, to the communist revolution during Mao’s regime, until the language and speech pattern in the twenty first century era- will be explored throughout the essay....

to establish English as the official language of The ..

English in many developed countries are being used as the official language; for example it is used as the official language in European Union and in many commonwealth countries as well as many world organisations....

However, many people are still surprised to learn that the United States has no official language.

There is no doubt that the United States is a nation ..

The United States has an overwhelming focus on integrating its citizens into speaking English, but a minimal amount of effort is placed on educated any other languages.

A push for English to be the official language of the US ..

Born from European immigrants, many European languages were spoken across the nation but English was the un-official universal language used to communicate between the different groups of people.

‘English-only’ advocacy in the United States dates ..

Although not an official language in any of these countries if one visits any of them it would seem that almost everyone there can communicate with ease in English.

Despite all the effort over the years, the United States has no official language.

English is an official language of at least 50 countries

With the United States being what many would call a "melting pot" because of the many nationalities that inhabit it, how can a unanimous decision be made about which population's language is the official, most dominantly spoken one.

Because the United States has no official language, it is suffering with substantial costs....

Custom Should English Be the Official Language

It is the official language of the European Central Bank, even though the bank is in Frankfurt and neither Britain nor any other predominantly English-speaking country is a member of the European Monetary Union.

But despite efforts over the years, the United States has no official language.

- According to the 2011 census, over 20.8 ..

The “English Language Unity Act” has been reintroduced in the U.S. House of Representatives (H.R. 997) and the U.S. Senate (S. 678) for the 115th Congress. to learn about ways to tell your legislators to support Official English!