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Although not often acknowledged, the United States has a .

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TheFederal District Court sided with Ms.

Perhaps as the country diversifies more and more, linguistic diversity will seem less unusual and more acceptable. In the meantime, however, well-educated, middle class families may be the most important answer. We have seen a surge in recent years in the growth of dual immersion programs. Middle class parents want their children to speak more than one language so that they will be competitive in this globalizing world, and two-way dual immersion programs offer this opportunity. So, English learners have a valuable asset to share with their monolingual English-speaking peers.

Immediatelyfollowing the appeal with AOE, Ms.

We need to make sure that educators are creating the opportunities for this to happen. It is instructive that when the anti-bilingual law was passed in Massachusetts, Cambridge parents of dual immersion students effectively lobbied against including their schools in the ban. Knowledgeable parents who want the asset of multilingualism for their children can play an important role in effectively countering these policies in the future.

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Although our roots may bediverse, we unite because we are American.

The purpose of this contribution is to present the progressive development of international legal standards of prosecution of war crimes and those who committed them within the first half of the twentieth century. In this period also international law had to respond inevitably to the two global conflicts marked by the crimes against humanity and war aggression. We focus on the dominant questions of the legal regulations of warfare, war crimes in international treaties. Emphasis was put on concrete examples from legal history that contributed to advancing the issue in international forum. Essential role was played by proficient lawyers whose names are indelibly imprinted in legal history.

Opponents of Official English policies argue that this type of legislation is unconstitutional.

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Interesting as it may be, there are some instances in contemporary Romanistic, when a certain regula is considered by secondary literature as if it were a rule of general application, consequently those not versed deeply enough in Roman law, might as well deem that such a rule could enjoy an overall usage, that is independently from time and place.

This particular decision however, was shortly overturned in 1923 by theU.S.

Which statement best describes how you feel?".

The legal mechanism that provided for the protection of freedom of conscience and religion were envisaged by the first contemporary Albanian state. The first law for religious statutes of Albanian state was the legal statute of religious communities. According to this law, the freedom of conscience and faith was guaranteed. In order to guarantee the freedom of religion, despite constitutional provisions and Criminal Code, other mechanisms are ratified by law by the Albanian parliament including also the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, The Declaration on the elimination of all forms of intolerance and discrimination based on religion or belief, and the Convention for the protection of children.

As stated previously, 23 states have declared English as their official language.

At what point is the line drawn?

prosecution of war criminals; war crimes; military conflict; The Lieber Code; Hague Conference; The Moscow Declaration; The Charter of the International Military Tribunal.