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is a concept developed by Peter Drucker in his 1954 book . This method is results oriented and similar to the work standards approach, with a few differences. First, the manager and employee sit down together and develop objectives for the time period. Then when it is time for the performance evaluation, the manager and employee sit down to review the goals that were set and determine whether they were met. The advantage of this is the open communication between the manager and the employee. The employee also has “buy-in” since he or she helped set the goals, and the evaluation can be used as a method for further skill development. This method is best applied for positions that are not routine and require a higher level of thinking to perform the job. To be efficient at MBOs, the managers and employee should be able to write strong objectives. To write objectives, they should be SMART:

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D1 The interview is the final stage of the Recruitment and Selection process.

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First, when does the selection process itself become employment? Equipment operators may be asked to demonstrate ability by loading and unloading a tractor from a ramp, and managers may be asked to answer situational questions in an interview as part of the selection procedure. Because there is no resulting "product," most would agree that these workers are not employees, and, therefore, they need not be paid. On the other hand, if a dairy farmer "tried out" a dairy worker for a couple of weeks, most people would agree that this person was an employee, not an applicant.

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Ahmad and Schroeder (2002) more deeply discussed that usually in the process of hiring, organizations use to focus on the technical skills of the employees, not the behavioral traits which fruits to a short run benefit, not in the long run....

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Successful employee selection is dependent on a clear understanding of a job’s components. A job analysis is used to identify job tasks and responsibilities. This may be accomplished by collecting information about the position; by interviewing workers, supervisors, and other farm employers; and by observing current employees. Other sources, such as the Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT) or its replacement, the Occupational Information Network (O*NET), provide written job analysis data to get you started. Figure 2-1 shows an example DOT for a poultry hatchery manager. End products of a job analysis include a job analysis schedule, job specifications, and a job description.

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Bernie Erven of Ohio State University is a pioneer in the area of effective recruitment. Erven suggests that farm employers talk about the many positive aspects of farm work, including the opportunity to raise a family in a healthier environment. Sometimes we can make working on the farm sound negative, he suggests. A creative ad can make a big difference. Bernie found this clever ad in Hoard's Dairyman: "Minnesota Dairyman, caring, understanding, witty, intelligent, ambitious, divorced, 45 years old, seeks woman of similar character who enjoys life and would help milk cows, etc. Cows first, romance second."

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Test and interview results can be analyzed so that a comprehensive training and development plan can be drawn up. New employees should be exposed to as wide an array of tasks as pactical, within their job description, early on in their careers.