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Although these lyrics characteristically withhold evidence of the occasions thatprecipitated them, they suggest various narratives of religious searching and of romanticlove reciprocated but unfulfilled. Consequently there has been much speculation aboutwhatever crises in Dickinson's life may have spurred her to poetic expression: literaryambition in conflict with both societal restrictions on women and her own reticentdisposition, the eye problems that threatened her lifelines of reading and writing, orperhaps a religious conversion or even a psychological breakdown. Much of that speculationfocuses on presumed romantic attachments to Charles Wadsworth and/or Samuel Bowles, bothmarried men and therefore unattainable. Whether either of these men was the"Master" she addressed in three passionate letter drafts apparently written in1858 and 1861 remains a question. The only romantic attachment that has been documentedwas with Judge Otis Phillips Lord, a widowed friend of her father, from the late 1870s to1884, many years after most of her poems were written. Other candidates for the role ofDickinson's forbidden lover include Susan Gilbert Dickinson and Sue's friend Kate ScottAnthon Turner. Letters as well as poems demonstrate the intensity of the poet's engagementwith her friends while leaving to the reader's imagination whatever private dramas she mayhave concealed when telling Higginson that "my life has been too simple and stern toembarrass any" (L330, p. 460).

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Denman, Kamilla. Contrasts the volcano image in Ralph Waldo Emerson and Emily Dickinson. 2, 1 (Spring 1993) pp 22-46 [substantial excerpt, muse].

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Gilson, Annette. Gilson discusses the image of circularity in the poetry of John Ashbery and Emily Dickinson. 44, 4 (Winter 1998) pp 484-505 [free at jstor, click "Preview" or "Read Online"].

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Reader's Guide includes an introduction to Emily Dickinson, a biography, background and her historical context, bibliography, and discussion questions. Teacher's Guide contains lesson plans and writing topics. National Endowment for the Arts.

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By the time she wrote this letter, Dickinson had graduated from Amherst Academy andcompleted a year of study at Mount Holyoke. Though she was referred to by her close friendSamuel Bowles as "the Queen Recluse" in an 1863 note to Austin, her life was notnearly so sheltered as these terms imply; the "Queen" portion of Bowles'sappellation should perhaps receive the greater emphasis. Accounts of her earliest yearswith Austin and her younger sister Lavinia depict a healthy, happy girl whose precociousintelligence did not prevent her from enjoying a normal childhood. From the time shestarted school, Dickinson distinguished herself as an original thinker who, in herbrother's words, dazzled her teachers: "Her compositions were unlike anything everheard--and always produced a sensation--both with the scholars and Teachers--herimagination sparkled--and she gave it free rein."

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A single open-access site brings together thousands of Emily Dickinson's poetry drafts and manuscripts, which are owned by various libraries, including Harvard University and Amherst College, which hold two of the largest collections of her papers, and the Boston Public Library. High resolution images.