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Through the use of ambiguity, metaphors, personification and paradoxes Emily Dickinson still gives readers a sense of vagueness on how she feels about dying.

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Majority of Dickinson's poems reflect her lifelong fascination with illness, dying and death....

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Emily Dickinson likes to use many different forms of poetic devices and Emily's use of irony in poems is one of the reasons they stand out in American poetry....

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A single open-access site brings together thousands of Emily Dickinson's poetry drafts and manuscripts, which are owned by various libraries, including Harvard University and Amherst College, which hold two of the largest collections of her papers, and the Boston Public Library. High resolution images.

Between 1858 and 1864 Emily Dickinson wrote over forty hand bound volumes of nearly 1800 poems, yet during her lifetime only a few were published.

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An encyclopedia-type article on Emily Dickinson. Also a selection of her most famous poems, recommended reading, and additional articles about her. .

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Hendrickson, Paula. "Dickinson and the Process of Death." On one specific subcategory of Dickinson's poems about death. 77 (1991) [no longer available online].

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ed. Karen Ford. Excerpts of literary criticism from scholarly authorities on Dickinson. Includes a biography of Emily Dickinson and individual discussion of the many of her most famous poems. at Univ. of Illinois.

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Nesteruk, Peter. "Death was important to Emily Dickinson. Out of some one thousand and seven hundred poems, perhaps some 'five to six hundred' are concerned with the theme of death; other estimates suggest that the figure may be nearer to a half." 6, 1 (Spring 1997) pp 25-43 [substantial excerpt, muse].

Emily Dickinson was one of the greatest American poets; her isolated life, unique writing style and descriptive poems are an inspiration to many.

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In the poems “Hope is the Thing with Feathers” by Emily Dickinson and “The Darkling Thrush” by Thomas Hardy, they both convey similar messages about hope....

This essay will address the humor and/ or irony found in five of Dickinson's poems:

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Reader's Guide includes an introduction to Emily Dickinson, a biography, background and her historical context, bibliography, and discussion questions. Teacher's Guide contains lesson plans and writing topics. National Endowment for the Arts.

However, Emily Elizabeth Dickinson is one of the most fascinating authors that generates admiration by reading her life and poems.

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Eberwein, Jane Donahue. "'The Wildest Word': The Habit of Renunciation." On the theme of renunciation in Emily Dickinson's love poems. In (1985) [no longer available online].