—R. W. Franklin, The Editing of Emily Dickinson

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Every author has unique characteristics about him/her that make one poet different from another, but what cause Emily Dickinson to be so unique are not only the words she writes, but how she writes them.

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This 3 page paper argues that The style of A Noiseless Patient Spider by Walt Whitman and A Spider Sewed At Night by Emily Dickinson is different, however, both poems can be categorized as 'nature' poems through the inclusion of the spider as metaphor for the soul.

Said 7 In conclusion, Emily Dickinson is very complicated, yet truthful to the heart poet.

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Born into a well off family on December 10, 1830, Emily Dickinson and her family had no grasp on how she would live her life, or the lasting impact she would have (“Emily Dickinson-Biography.”)....

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She wasn’t known as a poet until several years after her death, however she is considered to be one of the great American poets (“Emily Dickinson-Biography.”).

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Through the use of ambiguity, metaphors, personification and paradoxes Emily Dickinson still gives readers a sense of vagueness on how she feels about dying.

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Later in Dickinson’s life, it seems that she had a romantic relationship with Judge Otis Phillips, who was a close friend of Edward Dickinson, Emily’s father.

She was the second born to Edward and Emily Norcross Dickinson (Davidson 247).

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The manuscripts of the drafts and fragments reproduced here have their provenance in the Emily Dickinson Collection of the Amherst College Library, Archives & Special Collections (nos. 132, 133, 193, 194, 359, 440, 479, 637, 638, 734–61, 842, 843, 855, and 871). The documents, a gift from Millicent Todd Bingham, were first described and cataloged by Jay Leyda in the 1950s, at which time the vast majority of them were bibliographically linked with the “Otis Lord” correspondence, though some only very peripherally or tentatively.

The main characteristic of Romanticism that Emily Dickinson portrays in her writing is the emphases of the importance of Nature to the Romantics.

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Many people have been fascinated with her work and still are pronged into giving other inexperienced readers a persuasive aspect of how they should interpret what Emily Dickinson’s really mean.

This paper considers the works of William Bryant, Lydia Huntley Sigourney, Emily Dickinson and Edgar Allan Poe.

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Not only is Emily Dickinson’s work important to the study of American Literature, most of her writings were composed during the tumultuous Civil War era....