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None-the-less, I still can’t help but delight in the Monty-Python-esque image in my mind of these two ladies in their eighties holding on to the last remnants of independance they had and being renegades and feeling a little more self reliant than they probably really were. I’m just glad they never drove over 15 miles an hour!!!

I’m 82, and I’ll put my driving up against anyone.

I think the key for older crivers is to stay home during rush hours and bad weather.

First get teenage boys off the road. Then we’ll talk.

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No, I’m not a teenaged boy. I am hopelessly mature.

More importantly let’s get to work building residential communities that are safe from crime and don’t require automobiles to live a decent life.

I work from my home and I do that. I cannot tell you how much stress that has taken out of my life.

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For one thing, is would occur to most persons that many young males have less control over their toleration of other drivers and to drive more aggressively.

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Sorry, but the family members I would consider reporting as potentially unsafe drivers are in their teens and twenties, not their 60s and 70s. They’re the ones who phone, text, apply makeup, eat, drink, and drive under the influence.

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“Many believe,” “Haven’t been evaluated,” etc.
Almost all of the pro-aged and anti-aged complaints seem to stem from visceral feeling. The young want to stop the old from driving, but seemengly out of sheer distrust. The old cite the young as inexperienced. I would like to see some statistics. What are the accident rates for young, middle, old, and ancient. What kind of accidents?
The young complain that the old drive too slow — what are the statistics that show that such driving causes more accidents? The old complain tnat the young drive too fast — Ditto.

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I am about to be 72 years old and would have no objection to being tested when renewing my license. I renewed last year by mail and was given a license good for 4 years. I will be 75 when I am up next and I will bet that I will again be able to renew via the US Postal system. I live in eastern Pennsylvania, in the sixth largest city in the country where the traffic is horrific.
I have had my license since I was sixteen and so far have managed to not to kill or maim anyone or damage any property. But I still think I should be tested.

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Being 84 years of age ,mer and most of my friends are aware of our “limitations” and some have realized that they should no longer drive. We are well aware of our limitations and abilities and should act accordingly. I am all for TESTING at Renewal time. It is a lifesaver.

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Two weeks ago, we to help older people drive more safely (DriveSharp). The article drew comments about whether aging drivers should be tested before having their licenses renewed. “Unleashing an aging Baby Boomer generation on the roadways will cause a genuine public health crisis in the years to come,” one reader wrote.

Thanks for listening and I hope that this brings a smile or chuckle to somebodies face on a dull Thursday.

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I read recently a large study that indicates that older persons have much better accident ratios than young males iIn fact, that all males have worse accident rates than females.