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Arts Integration Most music educators realize the need for integration of music into other areas of the school curriculum but do not understand the effort that goes into forming an integrated lesson plan....

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It was a long process that had its beginnings in the sacred music of the Middle Ages.

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It should be considered a need but because of the economy and its hardship it has bestowed upon people, when school budgets tighten, music programs feel the pressure early and brace for a potential beating (Jennings).

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Music education is more than just a group of students singing mindless songs, or the obnoxiously loud pep band you hear at every sporting event, it’s an important academic that all growing students can and should benefit from.

Music is used for entertainment, expression of feelings and thoughts, and several other things.

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It gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, a charm to sadness, and life to everything.” Music has a very complex history and it is used in a variety of ways.

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There are many reasons that music can help a student’s success, music is productive time spending, music stimulates the brain, helps grades, and music has benefits.

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Although support of the arts department seems frivolous and irrelevant to an education, children should be taught music lessons at a young age in order to augment cognitive brain development, improve memory, and spark creativity....

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Gordon Shaw conducted an experiment on the effects of musical instruction on students: ?The experiment included four groups of preschoolers: one group received private piano/keyboard lessons; a second group received singing lessons; a third group received private computer lessons; and a fourth group received no training....

To do this, he used certain classical music pieces from the Baroque period that contained the 60 beat per minute pattern in his lessons.

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Currently, less than 50% of the nation's 8th graders are being taught the arts at school, and students are not achieving at high levels in music and art related activities, as reported by the National Assessment of Educa...

The process of teaching the musical theories and ideas to someone is just as ancient as music itself.

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Music from this period often had identifying characteristics: expressing mood through both instrumental and vocal music, consistent rhythmic patterns, terraced dynamics that change suddenly rather than gradually, basso continuo, complex melodies, and polyphonic textures (Kamien 148).

Most educators view music education to be an important aspect of overall education, but they view it as luxury rather than a necessity.

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Ghandi was educated from a young age in a public schooling environment; Jesse Jackson attended Sterling High School and was notably a very accomplished student; Albert Einstein attended Swiss Federal Polytechnic School in Zurich, majoring as a teacher in physics and mathematics, and graduated with his diploma....