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Tourism generates many types of income for the region, including business income, wage earnings, share earnings, rates and levies. Direct spending by visitors positively impacts business profitability and employment growth. The money is then circulated and re-spent in the economy via indirect spending (the multiplier effect) which also serves to effectively redistribute wealth from urban to rural areas.

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Environmental Pollution refers to the introduction of harmful pollutants into the environment

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However, mining poses environmental risks that can degrade the quality of soil and water, which can end up effecting us humans if not taken care of and many of the damages are irreversible once they have occurred.

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Eco-tourism is considered by most if not all as traveling to natural areas with responsibility in mind which the environment is conserved and the well being of the local people are taken care of as well as being sustainable on an ecological scale with a sole purpose of experiencing natural areas that builds environmental and cultural understanding, positive reception and upkeep (Brown 2011).

The planet can only handle so many humans before the effects of overpopulation send the environment into an unrecoverable tailspin of degradation.
conducted an experiment on mice to find out how the environment has an effect on the size of our brain.

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Most people now use cars as their main form of transport. An increase in this trend during the last centry has contributed to major traffic congestion in cities, and to a decline in the quality of our environment. This essay will look at how this is occuring and what can be done to address this problem.

This paper focuses on the era of European expansion to examine the effect of human travel on the environment and humans....

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"Information like this is interesting because not only does it show how tourism supports the community, it also shows how everyone in the community can play a role in supporting tourism," Watson-Watkins said. "Every special event, from Lufkin Bistro to the Neches River Rendezvous, gives people a reason to visit. The more community support those events have, the more successful they are, and the more tourists they attract. It's a snowball effect that improves the quality of life in Angelina County on every level."

Due to the concern this issue brings, many studies have taken place regarding the effect of mercury on the environment and in humans.

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