We have lot of examples how IT is effect on globalization.

One proposed reason for this harsh reality of high poverty rates is globalization - the growing integration of economies and societies around the world....

So later years this effect is on all areas of the economy.

How the rise of Japan’s economy effected the lives of millions of people.

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Several data determines that even though globalization has increased average incomes in Latin America, the cases of employment quality still tend to be deteriorating.

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Hiroshi Inose examines the telecommunications sector from a different angle—the effect of globalization on the entire industry. Particular technological advances, for example, the convergence of service modes and the microelectronics revolution, provide economies of scale but also require rapid inputs for capital investment. Among the problems and challenges Inose addresses are the software crisis, or the high cost of developing more sophisticated and diversified software; structural changes in industry, particularly in job design and labor requirements; standardization and maintaining interoperability between systems and equipment; reliability and security of systems against both external and internal disturbances; and integrity of information and protection of privacy. Like Ramqvist, Inose views telecommunications technology as the means to promote mutual understanding and cultural enrichment worldwide.

The social effects of globalization are clearly illustrated in Peru....

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As a result of globalization, many indigenous groups are being more widely exploited through the tourism industry. The increasing ease of access to these cultures by Western tourists allows for a greater interaction between the two which is not necessarily equal. Western tourists often view indigenous groups as quaint relics of the past that they can observe and report back on to their friends at home. Inevitably there is the acquisition of souvenirs which Western tourists put on display as examples of the primitive encounter they have returned from. Even though there is interest in the culture of these indigenous groups, there is rarely a sense of equality. The tourist often sees themselves as superior and worthy of being served.

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One of the main segments of indigenous society that are specifically targeted by multinational corporations are the young. Adolescents are far more susceptible to targeted consumerism and, as a result, may find that western consumer ideals may be more appealing to them than their own cultural traditions. They are easier to convert because their personal identity is not as set as that of an adult in their community. With this comes an erosion of cultural hierarchy as the sense of identity becomes more of a personal, individual choice, rather than a societal one. Many indigenous see globalization as a threat to the traditional family structure, creating a disconnect from cultural traditions.

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Globalization is making the world becoming a "global village" and the result is Arab communities cultural traditions are changing and are threaten to be lost .

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It is no doubt that there are many positives rise out of globalization, but equally some serious negatives brought from this trend, such as gradual disappearance of ethnic identity (Buckley, 1998).

Triandis, H. C. (2006). Cultural aspects of globalization. , 12(2), 208-217.

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As evidenced by the papers in this volume, these four relationships at the human, institutional, national, and international levels permeate discussions on the globalization of technology. In his keynote paper, Simon Ramo maintains that technological issues lie at the heart of most of the social, economic, and political issues of today, sometimes causing problems but more often offering possibilities for their solution. From this perspective, Ramo goes on to make several intriguing predictions about the role of technology in the future. Particularly powerful influences on the diffusion of new technological processes and products will be governments, corporations, national security concerns, and the rate of advances in scientific research. Technological discovery will become a global rather than an individual or national endeavor. As a result, new mechanisms will be developed to facilitate the flow of technology, despite protectionist-nationalist tendencies to stem the free exchange of information. One of these influences impeding the flow of technology is national security concerns. Ramo, however, is optimistic about the direction of the two superpowers, predicting that offensive forces will be reduced, thereby lessening interference with the flow of advanced technology and allowing the application of military technologies to peacetime applications in manufacturing, transportation, and services.