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We all feel the personal costs of poor communication when a manager is rude or when we are not invited to an important meeting. However, what are the tangible costs of not paying attention to the quality of communication practices in your workplace? Below we list the key business costs as a result of poor communication practices. The items on the list may convince you to take a closer look at the practices in your organization.

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The amalgamation of all of the losses resulting from poor communication practices cited above impacts the actual and perceived value of companies. A Towers Watson study concludes that companies with highly effective communication practices enjoy 47% higher total returns to shareholders compared with firms that are least effective at communicating.5

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Employees feeling stress from poor relationships at work is a key driver of company law suits. One survey puts the proportion of employees suffering relationship stress at 16%.8 Putting in place collaborative communication systems and processes for resolving conflict assists greatly in reducing the high cost of law suits. One study reports that organizations implementing collaborative conflict management systems reap savings in the order of 50% to 80%.9

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Poor communications with employees lead to frustrating communications with customers. Employees who lack guidance from management and are locked out of genuine dialogue about their job struggle to know how to satisfy customers and lose the commitment to do so. In the case of legal firm, Slaw, the company reports that 40% of malpractice claims against real estate agents involve communication errors with the client.3

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New users have the opportunity to try online learning by taking the trial course CCEI960: Staff Communication: Educational Partnerships in June in recognition of Effective Communications Month. Poor communication is often at the root of workplace conflicts and other problems, and yet many businesses fail to include communication skills as part of basic job training. CCEI's Staff Communication course provides directors, administrators, and aspiring directors with a greater understanding of the value of good communication skills, as well as various techniques for listening and responding appropriately to staff, parents, and children. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to identify ways to improve their communication skills, promote active listening, and explain methods to be used by staff members to effectively communicate. This course is available for purchase through online enrollment now.

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