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The descriptive essay or résumé should address your aviation history and goals, what you have done for yourself to achieve your goals, where you see yourself in five and ten years, how the scholarship will help you achieve your objective and your present financial need, flight or other training/education for which you need assistance, how your previous training was financed, educational scholarships, awards and honors, where you would obtain the training and the hourly rate for the instructor, aircraft, and simulators, or other costs (if applying for cash scholarship), demonstrated involvement in aviation activities, and other applicable information as requested for each specific scholarship.

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How the proposed research will advance assessment in resident education: Currently, there are few measures of Systems-Based Practice to use in assessing residents. The proposed research will advance assessment in resident education by investigating an innovative, objective method of assessing the ACGME competency of Systems Based Practice. This new method of assessment, the OSSIE, will be a modification of the traditional OSCE. A simulation of interaction with other members of the health care team will capture abilities needed for physicians in today’s complex health care system. By using the OSSIE, faculty will be able to provide constructive feedback to each resident to enable improvement in Systems-Based Practice.

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Assessment measures to be evaluated include self rating of team skills, peer rating of team skills, observer ratings of team skills, and analysis of communication content. We will first refine these assessment methods for application in the medical education environment. We will design and conduct a seminar covering team coordination principles for first year medical students. Approximately 30 medical students will be video and audio taped over four small group problem based learning sessions. Raters will use a tool designed to count specific types of communications and behaviors to code and then rate each student's performance. The same students will also be assessed in two patient care scenarios using a human patient simulator. The scenarios will be designed to require the coordination of three students with defined roles. We will compare results of measures in the small group and simulated team exercise to determine degree of relationship. In addition, we will investigate the relationship between individual team skill assessment measures and objective measures of team performance in the simulated scenario to determine whether the skill assessment measures are predictive of actual care performance.

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(I) To develop a user-specified and user-friendly design structure (content and technical specifications) for a new web-based tool, the Resident Assessment Performance System (RAPS). Using readily available and accurate electronic data, RAPS would directly record and evaluate a resident's patient care experience and outcome performance. It would encourage the transition within graduate medical education from experience-based to competency-based training. RAPS would also help clinicians develop independent quality reporting and accountability skills.

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Candidate must be a legal resident of the U.S. or Canada attending a U.S. or Canadian college or university. She must be 25 years of age or older as of May 1 the year she applies. Essays will be judged on readability, demonstration of commitment to the applicant’s education and/or career, and the possible impact of the scholarship on the life of the recipient, her family and/or her community. Finalists may be asked to provide proof of enrollment, documentation of coursework, educational acceptance, and/or other information related to the essay.

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Through the HORIZONS Scholarship, established in 1988, Women in Defense encourages women to pursue careers related to the national security and defense interests of the United States and to provide development opportunities to women already working in national security and defense fields. The scholarship is designed to provide financial assistance to further educational objectives of women who are U.S. citizens either employed or planning careers in defense or national security areas. (This is not law enforcement or criminal justice.)