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The process, however, is similar. Before you even start writing, you need to understand what do you want to achieve with the help of an introduction. Sure, its main goal is to draw a reader or readers in. It also needs to include a thesis - the main idea of your essay formulated in one or two sentences. And it has to set the tone for the rest of an essay as well.

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But you say the heck with it because you know where you’re going. You take a right, change the radio station and keep on going. Unfortunately, you never reach your destination.

1. Find the way to grab the reader's attention

A little while into the trip you need to check the map because you’ve reached an intersection you’re not familiar with. You panic for a moment because you realize you’ve forgotten your map.

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Once we have verified their credentials, candidates are given a topic for an original piece of writing in their field. We review their work using our strict criteria, and only then they can start to write for us. We also want people who genuinely love to write, for they are the most enthusiastic about their assignments! Writing the best college essay or paper may be drudgery for you – but it never is for your writer.

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Now when you got the reader's attention, you can explain the whole point of your essay a bit. The tricky part here is that you have to give some context without giving too many details at the same time.

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Third, you could write something that would cause a certain emotional reaction: make the reader feel related, sad, angry, sympathetic, etc. Emotions not always work well when it comes to crafting a scientific paper but if it is a controversial topic, you can go for it.

Finally, Ms. Strict enforces high standards for her students' written work.

What is a map? In essence, the written word.

The latter two point to an achieved goal that is far off in the distance, somewhere off in the horizon, while the first one acknowledges that you are living your goal at this very moment.

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Like, compared to, similar to, similarly, by analogy, likewise, in the same way, as well, both, too

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Always remember that the goal of introduction is to make the reader's curious about what comes next, not give a short summary of your essay in general. Everything you need to write to back up your idea, you can write later, in the body of your essay.