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Harvard and Columbia were harder to get into than Yale.

What are Middlebury College’s numbers?

Sounds like they’ll have to be.

Nevertheless, out of the varied, mostly urban-based ethnic subcultures of Canada or out of the residues of the once-robust regional cultures, or even from some Aboriginal communities, fragments or shards of distinctly more traditionalist visions may emerge, as part of the over-all society’s “value pluralism”. Whether such fragments may ever be instantiated in the writing of credible fiction that will see professional publication – as opposed to SF criticism or journalistic endeavors or just “fan fiction” alone, centered mostly on the Web – remains to be seen.

Cotton Nero A.X.4 - Susan Welstead [.pdf]

The sad truth is that a duchified girl is not what most young men desire. While Georgiana’s virtues were celebrated far and wide throughout the ton—especially amongst the dowager set—her hand was rarely sought for a dance, let alone for marriage.

Do you have the numbers for Boston College?

Day of Giving Challenge vs. Kenan-Flagler

Satyagraha, an opera in three acts by Philip Glass, libretto based on the Bhagavad Gita, directed by Phelim McDermott, conducted by Karen Kamensek, a collaboration with improbable, 3rd revival of ENO’s 2007 production, 1st February 2018, reviewed by LESLIE JONES

The Global MBA Summit on Climate, Capital, & Business (2 day event)

The man in the pit was that consummate Wagnerian Christian Thielemann, musical director of the Staatskapelle Dresden. He is also music director of the Bayreuth Festival and of the Salzburg Easter Festival as well as general music director of the Munich Philharmonic.

Best city for millennials (Forbes 2017)

Produced in partnership with Teatro Real, Madrid, the production – returning to the stage of Dresden’s Semperoper, a jewel of a house – featured such acclaimed Wagnerian singers as Albert Dohmen, Petra Lang, Christa Mayer, Andreas Schager, Gerhard Siegel, Kurt Streit and Georg Zeppenfeld.

P.S. I went to Columbia and transferred into Duke. Good luck to the applicants of both schools.

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The Rubenstein Arts Center, nicknamed “The Ruby”, will host its grand opening celebration on Saturday, Feb. 3. Established with a $25 million founding gift from philanthropist and Duke alumnus David Rubenstein (Trinity ’70) in 2015, The Ruby offers flexible multipurpose studios, seminar classrooms, a collaborative workspace with 3D printers and laser cutters, the von der Heyden Studio Theater, a film screening theater and more.

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Hi Maria,nnTons of thanks for this valuable post. I am currently working on my applications and pretty much interested in GATE program. it will be a great help if you can help me with know whether students also choose to lead teams which visits their home country. For example, I am from India, so will I have the opportunity to be a team lead of any team which will be visiting India. nnAlso, in terms of learning we get, do visiting other countries is more helpful than visiting home country?nnThank you in advance.

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How vndirstande am I?' - Sebastian James Langdell

Speaking last week on the Today programme, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt gave an upbeat assessment of the Prime Minister’s Brexit strategy. He cited both her Article 50 letter to EU President Donald Tusk, and her speech last March on her vision of a sovereign Britain closely aligned to its former EU partners. That such a view came from Jeremy Hunt was encouraging, as this former ally of David Cameron campaigned for Britain to stay a member of the Brussels club, and even called – just after the June 2016 referendum – for a second vote, but on the final terms of our exit, not a re-run of the initial referendum itself.