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Drunk driving is a topic that can invoke a wide range of emotions in different people. In fact, anyone that might have been a victim of a drunk driver, as well as people who might have known victims of drunk driving, are likely to have very strong feelings on the matter. Nevertheless, even if you do not know someone who has been involved in drunk driving, you may still have pretty strong feelings of your own. In fact, drunk driving is an excellent topic when it comes to writing an opinion essay.


In the majority of countries, driving under the influence (DUI) is considered to be a serious crime. When one has decided to drive his motor vehicle under the effect of alcohol, he is a criminal. In the majority of cases, such people lose their driving license. In my opinion, this decision is right though it is important to pay attention to the level of intoxication. A person who has drunk one beer is hardly able to cause solid harm. Naturally, laws are different in different countries. In some countries, the government protects its citizens radically. When a drunk driver is caught on the road, he loses his driving license for three years. Moreover, when one has drunk a mug of beer, he cannot drive his vehicle. There are countries, which are more liberal towards this issue. Drivers are permitted to consume a bottle of beer or a glass of wine without the fear of being punished. In my opinion, the attitude towards drunk driving depends on the intensiveness of traffic and population in the chosen country. When the roads are overloaded with cars, even a sober person has troubles with driving. When the roads are empty, the tension reduces and a drunk person cannot cause harm to anybody.

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Drunk driving accident essay

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