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In addition to the social reasons for the legalization of the drug, law enforcement is also a determining factor. Most of the arrests and convictions relating to marijuana are not as a consequence of illegal sale or manufacture. Rather, about 85% of the recorded prosecutions are as a result of the act of possession of the drug. On average, more than 850,000 arrests related to marijuana occur in the United States leading to overcrowding of the available prisons. It is not logical to commit so many resources in the criminal justice system to a drug that is not harmful to the users. Essentially, such resources could be channeled for use in other sectors of crime including terrorism where the country faces great challenges. In addition, most of the penalties related to marijuana use and possession are very harsh and often cause lifelong social harm to the affected youths.

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The legalization of marijuana is a controversial topic that elicits mixed reactions based on the different viewpoints. Whether the drug should be legalized is open to debate and lawmakers need to consider and weigh the benefits of each proposition against the drawbacks of the same. That notwithstanding, the legalization of the drug is a sensitive subject that requires a sober approach because of the sensitivity of its impacts on both individual and societal aspects. Nevertheless, the drug has both pros and cons that should be considered in the decision of legalizing its use.

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