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Making Sense: Essays on Art, Science, and Culture is a new text for our writing program. It has been carefully chosen after detailed scrutiny of a number of available texts, and it is a fine collection. The narrower theme that we will be focusing on this semester is art. We will read a minimum of 4 essays focused on art, its purpose, its predicaments and requirements. After the first essay, which will focus on Dorothy Allison’s work, our assignments will require each student to work with a minimum of two texts. The ways and means for undertaking that project will be carefully set forth during class time. This brings us to the issue of attendance.

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Dorothy allison essays Dorothy Allison grew up in South Carolina in the poor working class

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The documentary entitled "Two or Three Things and Nothing for Sure" took prizes at the Aspen and Toronto film festivals, and premiered on PBS in the summer of 1998 as part of the acclaimed POV series.

Dorothy Allison's small press books include Skin: Talking About Sex, Class and Literature (1995), a collection of Allison's essays, speeches and performance pieces which won the 1995 American Library Association Gay and Lesbian Book Award, and Trash, a collection of short stories (1989) which won Lambda Literary Awards for Lesbian Fiction and Lesbian Small Press Book.

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Allison received mainstream recognition with her novel Bastard Out of Carolina, (1992) a finalist for the 1992 National Book Award.
The novel won the Ferro Grumley prize, an ALA Award for Lesbian and Gay Writing, became a best seller, and an award-winning movie.
It has been translated into more than a dozen languages.

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Sure, we could just read Bastard Out of Carolina as a lurid exposé on child abuse and incest, kind of like Law and Order: SVU, but believe you us, it is much more than that.

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Fair enough—but Bastard Out of Carolina isn't here to just tell you this stuff is bad. It's here to get you to think about these issues in new ways, to think about how they're all related, and to recognize the different forms they take. It's not enough to just know this stuff is bad. We need to understand it, in all its messy complexity, if we ever want it to stop.

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Now that we've effectively freaked you out, let's talk about a novel that takes a good, hard look at what it means to be a child trying to make sense of a tumultuous, perplexing, and often dark world: Bastard Out of Carolina, written in 1992 by Dorothy Allison about her experiences growing up. The book is a semi-autobiographical account of "Bone" Boatwright, a girl growing up in in the 1950's and 60's, born fatherless to fifteen-year-old Anney Boatwright, sexually and physically abused by her step-father Glen, and surrounded by a big loving extended family who get called "trash" for their poverty and their penchant for drinking and fighting.

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Be forewarned that this is not the happiest novel you will ever read. The Boatwrights lead hard lives filled with poverty, violence, and heartbreak—and Bone and Anney both have their share of all three. But part of what makes Bastard Out of Carolina a great novel is that it revels in the fact that life is not always clear cut. Maybe it's easier to believe that it is, and to judge people on that basis, but as the novel shows, judging people will get you nowhere if you don't understand them.

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As always, there are those out there who would argue that the content of this book is too mature for students to read. Bastard Out of Carolina has definitely seen its share of censorship, which is really just another indication that you should read it. This book isn't about shock value at all. Dorothy Allison wrote about her own experiences, and she wanted the book to be an honest account of something that most people don't want to acknowledge exists.