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With those points addressed, as in some other instances, a non-profit can develop such an association with a for-profit, when doing so in no way results in gain or profit for anyone connected with the non-profit charity. And if the money given is for general purposes, then you would need to be concerned that your donors’ money is going to help pay the salaries and general business expense operations of a for-profit company.

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But, as I see it, a public charity cannot/should not donate money to a private (family) foundation.

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We are a 501c(3) organization dedicated to supporting Blues music awareness and musicians both local, national and youth. To generate funds we sell t-shirts, memberships and hold Blues music related events for which we charge an entry fee. A local for-profit brewing company that also specializes in Blues music is holding a festival and they have asked us to be a “sponsor” of the event by contributing “sponsorship” money. The money would be used by the for-profit brewing company to help cover expenses of the festival. We would not receive anything from the sponsorship other than a free booth (space) during the event. If the festival is profitable the brewing company will receive all of the profit and we receive nothing. Can we and are we legally permitted to act as a sponsor donating our non-profit funds to this for-profit company holding a Blues related festival? If not, is there any other way we can partner with this company to help them out?

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For the sake of perception though, I suggest you do not consider the fee you will pay for the booth to be a donation, because you cannot/should not donate charitable funds to a for-profit entity. You can, however, spend money for a service to further the good work of your organization.

Finding out why people donate to charity could help judge which charities are worthy of you time and money.

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I would like you to expand on this comment a little please. What about an educational 501 (c) 3 non profit that is acting as a fiscal sponsor to raise money for scholarships for a non-profit school that does not have its 501 (c) 3 status yet. They are raising funds for general scholarships so that underserved children can apply and matriculate in the school. They are not assigning funds to any specific individuals, but handing the money over for the school to manage. They want to charge a 7% transaction fee for the money raised. Can you let me know your thought on this?
Also, the school is currently applying for 501 (c) 3 status. Will that effect their application or is it something they should note in their application (that they received funds in this way).
The son of the donor organization goes to the school and receives tuition deduction, but not from the donated funds.

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The tight control of private foundations, where the assets are created by the family or family business, seems to me to be no place for money donated by a public charity in the first place, where the money was given to carry out its own mission.

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A 501c4 organization I serve in has the practice of giving small memorial gifts in honor of members that passed away to the charity of the deceases choice. Per your article, I think there may be some people who will say, “Not with my money” if they understood this was happening. On the flipside, we have had very appreciative family members who have ended up making generous donations because of this thoughtfulness. I am curious to know what you think of our policy.

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Of course, there are always exceptions, and at times such arrangements can be mutual beneficial. But, from what I have mostly come to know, the donation-to-another-charity question is most often asked by people who hope the answer is “No” because they are unhappy about, or uncomfortable with, a proposed action of this type. I know I would be as director of development, especially when challenges are possible by my donors asking that I explain the above point 2. I would not want to risk hearing, “Not with my money, you won’t!”

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I am not getting enough income to donate to charity.

Perhaps the non-profit’s donated money is being invested in a speculative for-profit business activity. If so, that would be a gross misuse of the money given to the charity. That’s mainly because if the presenter is a for-profit business, then others are going to personally and directly benefit from the money given by charitable donors.