Dollar Diplomacy: A Study in American Imperialism

So if Americans paid off their debt then the economy would be stronger and the trading at the Panama Canal would be more prosperous and the United States will earn more money through their trading port.
The Moral Diplomacy was important because during the time there was a lot of Imperialism in other countries so Wilson introduced democracy to the other countries through the form of his Moral Diplomacy.

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Check for student understanding of the Monroe Doctrine, dollar diplomacy, and Roosevelt Corollary.

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This would reassure Americans that overseas territories would belong to the United States and it got other countries to respect the United States and to back off.
The Dollar Diplomacy was important because it helped maintain a positive economy.

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because they shared common values which then helped with the economic interests that the United States had with other countries.
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The Big Stick Diplomacy, the Dollar Diplomacy, and the Moral Diplomacy helped lead to the next era known as WWI.

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The neoconservatives and their allies deployed the same arguments andalmost the same language that the Israelis used to promote the war. Theneoconservatives made frequent reference to the 1930s and Munich, comparingSaddam with Hitler and opponents of the war (like Brent Scowcroft and SenatorChuck Hagel) with appeasers like Neville Chamberlain.117 Israel and theUnited States, they maintained, were facing a nebulous common enemy, "internationalterrorism," and Iraq, to quote the New York Times columnist WilliamSafire, was "the center of world terror.''118 The war hawks portrayedSaddam as an especially aggressive and reckless leader who would not onlyuse weapons of mass destruction against the United States and Is rael butwould also pass them on to terrorists.119 Identifying diplomacy and multilateralismwith weakness, neoconservative commentators had nothing but contempt forthe UN and its inspectors in Iraq, not to mention

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which made it arguably less effective
Many attempted stabilizations through dollar diplomacy did not have the intended effect, destabilizing regions instead.
Taft's idea to further the United State's aims in Latin America and East Asia by guaranteeing loans made to foreign countries.

Taft urges Wall Street investors to invest money in foreign markets in order to increase American influence abroad.

Loans were meant to improve infrastructure.
Treaty of Portsmouth (Extensive)
Made allies for the US
Called for further intervention in places like Haiti by the United States
Exercised American Military in economic diplomacy
Early opposition by both Progressives and Insurgent Republicans in the Senate
Assists in the security of the Panama Canal

Failed to counteract economic instability and the tide of revolution
Ended Russo-Japanese War
Marked the last real event in an era of U.S.-Japanese cooperation that began in 1868.

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America itself has reaped the opprobrium of the world, whichcontinues to impact American individuals and businesses. Terrorism is onthe rise, while US security might be presumed to have worsened.1 The mountingcosts of the war, which some forecast could surpass two trillion dollars,2are slowly eating through the American infrastructure. The prospect ofextending an American empire faced by potential challenges to its hegemonyis a growing concern for empire builders, given the growing ideological,human, and material costs in Iraq. While the OPEC countries for a timerejected US and EU pressures to pump more oil to lower sky-high prices- partly a hostile response to the US invasion of Iraq - today the priceof oil seems resistant to efforts to lower it, with the attendant dismalimpact upon the American and world economy.

The foreign policies of Theodore Roosevelt and William Howard Taft typified an approach known as “dollar diplomacy.” “Dollar diplomacy ..

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The most striking illustration of Jewish power in shaping US policyin the Middle East against the interest of Big Oil is demonstrated in US-lranpolicy. As the Financial Times notes: "International oil companiesare putting multi-billion dollar projects in Iran on hold, concerned aboutthe diplomatic standoff [sic] [US economic-military threats] overthe country's nuclear programme".4 In fact, as Michael Klare pointedout: