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We have shown a video entitled Doing the Right Thing, which presents a skit and discussion about two people trying to decide whether or not to turn in a lost wallet.

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So George did the right thing by 'putting Lennie out do your reference list during an essay?

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The more thoughtful approach to helping with our problem of ineffective leadership is to look to the basic assumption from which the problem comes. It is the first of the two beliefs mentioned above: that "right action" in a given situation is knowable. If we believe that, then we should examine the issue of how right action is knowable, rather than jump quickly to the second belief that there is a leader somewhere out there who will know what the right action is and do it for us. It is in handing off the responsibility for "doing the right thing" from ourselves to someone else that we get into trouble.

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“They are shining examples of doing the right thing and, ..

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