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for example :explain use of interent and discuss both sides.

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IELTS Writing Task 2: sample discussion essay - Simon

The instructions ask you to discuss both sides and give your opinion. That means those instructions should be contained from the start to finish of your essay. You put your opinion in the introduction, body paragraph and conclusion – the same with the discussion.
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Sample How to Write a Discussion Essay - 1008 Words

On the one hand, many people think having university degree helps them in finding excellent career and job, as education clears the basics for the job. To make the idea more clear, I would like to discuss a practical example. Large companies such as Microsoft, Amazon prefer to hire university graduates and trained them according to their needs. Apart from this, during degree individuals study different courses and undergo internship which prepares them for job that’s why countries like Canada encourages international students to come and study.

in discussion type of essay can we write 2-3 ideas all together in one para..

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Hi Liz,
I would like to ask if its ok to change the order of my body paragraph if I chose to agree with the second opinion in a discussion essay?

Writing introductions to discussion essays - DC IELTS

Hi Liz. I have a question if you have time. In discussion essay if I do not agree with the statement how can I write it? For exampla, continuous coverage of sport discourages the young from taking part in any sport. i mean thesis and body paragraph. I wrote introduction. Please help me. I have a month left to the exam. Thank you very much

A lesson on how to write introductions to discussion essays in IELTS

Hi Liz, Is it really necessary to cite your opinion on the introduction for this type of essay? From my point of view, you have to discuss two sides first before stating your opinion. Thank you Liz

hello Liz,Please help me in identifying the type of the following essay. Is it a discussion or opinion essay?

group disscussion | Essays | Metaphor

I’m sorry but I don’t offer any essay marking service, paid or unpaid. I don’t have time. If you need detailed feedback, you need to find an IELTS teacher to help you. My work is based on providing free lessons, tips and advice on this blog and making complete training videos for IELTS which will soon be available to buy.
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yeah ,, i mean in this kind of essay , the discussion one , there is an opinion showed in introduction and in separate paragraph .

Heart Dissection Practical Report Essay Example for Free

1- How I keep my position or opinion throughout the essay , especially in the discussion essay where I have to present the other view that differs of mine ?

The instructions ask for your opinion and also the discussion. That means the entire essay will follow these instructions.

How to Write a Good Discussion Essay | …

You need to use that language in this essay because you need to show when you are giving other people’s opinions and when you are giving your own. But don’t overuse these expressions.