Informal deviance is the violation of a social norm.

Hagan also divides Deviance into two categories; Social Deviations are behaviours that affect how they are judged by others, betrayal or playing pranks for example may cause some form of disdain, but is not harmful to society.

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Essentially, individuals commit deviant behavior when society defines it as such.

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Professional pilot Ron Rapp has written a on a 2014 Gulfstream plane that crashed on takeoff. The accident was 100% human error and entirely preventable -- the pilots ignored procedures and checklists and warning signs again and again. Rapp uses it as example of what systems theorists call the "normalization of deviance," by sociologist Diane Vaughan:

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A loaded term, deviancy is a negative asset when the environment is stable but can be a positive asset to a society when the environment is irreversibly changing." Each perspective asks different questions and focuses on different issues regarding crime and deviance....

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In addition, “Power, Social Networks, and Organizational Deviance” by John Cura finds that many institutions sided with General Motors as opposed to the citizens of Poletown (Cura, 75-76)....

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In relation to deviance, therefore, the concept relates to all forms of rule-breaking whether this involves such things as murder, theft or arson - the breaking of formal social rules - or such things as wearing inappropriate clothing for a given social situation, failing to produce homework at school or the breaking of relatively informal social rules....

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The interesting question is, has the mass media (and especially the Tabloids) become a form of Panopticon in that it constantly scans society for signs of deviance with the threat of punishment by disclosure which is particularly threatening to those in public life.

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Becker's labelling theory suggests that deviance is actually created by the social groups which create and promote norms and values which are deviated from, rather than the act itself....

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" groups create deviance by making rules whose infraction creates deviance, and by applying those roles to particular people and labelling them as outsiders.

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Karl Marx’s Marxist theory and Emile Durkheim’s functionalist theory were both significant in their own ways and therefore made a large contribution to our perception and understanding of how crime and deviance occurs and is dealt with in society.