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"Voting is the essence of democracy. Without it, you don't have democracy. Any book on political science will tell you that."

This pattern is especially useful when your topic is an event.

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I agree, but the real problem is that the government assume this, too. And who is going to stop them? I don't think there are enough genuinely security-aware voters to do so.

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In order to retain privacy, citizens will have to start reclaiming their own security instead of depending on third parties to provide every scrap of it. When you cease managing your own security, you give up freedom.

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Another thought struck me when I was reading your post.

As conservatories in Sheffield are not classified under building regulations, therefore there are no regulations for companies to follow for conservatory bases. At AWM Yorkshire conservatories we recommend constructing deep concrete strip footings around 600mm minimum in depth and 50mm in width to take the weight of a high quality conservatory. In certain areas of Sheffield it is necessary to dig much deeper to ensure there will be no future base movement.

How does a window minimise air leakage?

As a newcomer to your site and having read your article on the
above, you do not need to go as far as East Germany and China, the
UK government has given rights to at least 400+ public bodies to
monitor emails, internet traffic, searches, contents of your PC
WITHOUT requiring any special permission and without the knowledge
of the target. This means that any public servant can log on without
justification and monitor your mails. In addition, the UK is the
most monitored society in the world with more than 4 million CCTV
cameras monitoring its' citizens. Also ANY breach of the law is now
an arrestable offence which requires the offender to be
fingerprinted and DNA taken, unlike on the spot fines in the
USA. If cleared the record stays on the police computer together
with the DNA sample. The police can then go "phishing". This record
can then prevent the target from entering the USA on a holiday as he
now has a police record - even for eating an apple, sandwich or
smoking while driving. A case this morning was a lorry driver who
removed his switched off mobile from his pocket to place on the
dashboard was arrested even though he was'nt using the phone!!

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the painting is the woman's smile.

I dunno, Eugene Stoner came up with some pretty cool technology ...

For people who choose to go along with the Security vs. Privacy debate and want to keep seeing it as one or the other, I think they should also ask what they get in return in case of unforseen events.

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This paragraph nails it head on, great work!

3) Windows with fully reinforced window case frames and opening sashes will suffer far less expansion and contraction than windows that do not have reinforcement during extreme temperatures. Reinforcement ensures that large profiles will not bow or twist which can lead to the weather seals and gaskets not making a consistent seal with the frames, this therefore minimises air leakage and maximises energy efficiency.

Absolutely incredible. So who wants to sponsor my helicopter journey over London? *hint*

Then maybe we can finally be secure. Um, yeah.

Sheffield is subject to regular adverse weather conditions including extreme cold which can cause damage to conservatories if engineering bricks are not installed beneath the house damp course. Engineering bricks ensure that water does not soak into the damp course and expand when external temperatures drop below freezing. It is also advised to install high quality conservatory floor insulation under the concrete floor to ensure that the floor temperature remains warm in the Yorkshire Winter months.