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In the next scene we meet Jason’s sister Nadia, a very damaged girl who sings the sardonically autobiographical "Plain Jane Fat Ass." We don’t need this song for the main plot, but it gives us insight into Jason’s family. If Nadia and his parents are as screwed up as they seem, there’s a good bet he is too. We’ve only seen hints of that so far, but this song gives us a glimpse of where Jason comes from and the kind of expectations he is struggling against.

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D. Examines the sources of the construct in terms of both metanarratives and ideologies.

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After Jason leaves, Peter gets the first of his soliloquies, "Role of Lifetime," setting up the central metaphor of the entire story, finding himself unhappy with the mask that he and Jason both wear. Here, Peter consciously works through the questions he was asking himself subconsciously, probably for the first time, in his crazy daydream. The second half of each verse introduces a new musical theme, the "mask" theme, representing the lies, the deceptions, the hiding, the denying of Peter’s own identity. Jason is comfortable with his mask; Peter no longer is. And this confusion is beautifully and insightfully described by lyricist Hartmere as "Thoughts battle words over deeds, a war with such casualties;" that war will be the central action of the entire show.

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And in addition to setting up everything else of importance, it also establishes religion as oppressive, cold, unresponsive, a theme running through the entire show. Most of the central characters will question the existence of God at some point in the show. Later in Act I, Peter and Matt will both sing to God/Jesus:

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At one point in "Promise," Matt asks Jason, "Are you gonna stand there and deny it?" which may be another Biblical reference, this time to the apostle Peter’s famous denial of Jesus. But which of them is the Christ figure – Peter or Jason? The answer is coming. Nadia tries to comfort Jason as the music quotes "Quiet Night at Home," the show’s aloneness theme, as we and they realize Jason is totally alone himself now. At the very end of the number, we hear an instrumental quote of the finale, offering up some foreshadowing as Jason asks Nadia – his – to leave him alone.

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Finally, Peter wakes from this nightmare as the mass ends, disoriented and confused, his head swimming with all these coded, contradictory messages. It’s a brilliant way to start the show and it accomplishes so much storytelling.