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Hamlet is also guilty of deception. He secretly desires revenge, and plots and schemes behind others' backs. He feigns madness and puts on a play for the purpose of trapping Claudius.

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Hopefully this essay will enlighten the reader on the subject of Hamlet’s soliloquies.

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In his essay “An Explication of the Player’s Speech,” Harry Levin refers to the fourth soliloquy as the most famous of them all: Dwelling on gross details and imperfections of the flesh (“Eyes without feeling, feeling without sight”), Hamlet will admonish his mother that sense-perception is dulled by sensual indulgence....

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Hamlet has been called a "claustrophobic" play because of the ways the different characters spy on one another, but "spying" is only one form of deception in the play. There is also Claudius, the incestuous fratricide, playing the part of the good king, and Hamlet himself decides to "put an antic disposition on" (1.5.189). In a way, it is Hamlet's job to see through all of this deception and to discover the truth, although, to discover the truth, Hamlet himself must use deception. What point is Shakespeare trying to make by introducing all of the deception, lying, and false appearances into his play?

The story of Hamlet, the young prince of Denmark, is one of tragedy, revenge, deception, and ghosts.
The Themes of Hamlet: Deception, revenge, madness, corruption, death, dualism and destiny.

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Hamlet is also guilty of deception

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