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Although they were able to diagnose his problem as a blind gut and floating kidneys, they were not in a position to provide any medication that would cure him or at least explain the cause of the misery. Consequently, it became obvious to everyone that Ivan was on his death bed a situation which was inevitable at that particular point. A lot happened to him before his death and this essay shall therefore focus on his view of his own death, as well as the meaning of his final words before his death.

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Ivan’s last words can also clearly illustrate the kind of life that he had lived. He always thought that he had lived his live the best way possible but towards his death, he realized that it was a lie. Although he strived to do what was expected of him and what he expected of himself, he realized at the time of his death that he was never happy. In addition, he was lonely and no one really loved him. He also did not love his wife and children but only felt pity for them. As a result, that kind of life could not have been described as life but death. Due to this Ivan had all reasons to be happy at his death point after realizing that it was over and that was the reason why he exclaimed loudly that it is over and death is no more (Tolstoy Para 9).

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Ivan’s last word as indicated in the studies of Tolstoy (Para 13) as “Death is over, there is no more death” can be interpreted to mean different things and ideas. Immediately after Ivan said those words, the same studies indicate that he died. Therefore, it is clear that in the life of human beings, the only thing that is inevitable is death. Even after Ivan reflected on his life and found out that he had lived a good life and did not deserve to die, he later desired that he may die and end his suffering. Moreover, even if most individuals live a life that is characterized by the fear of death, at the end of everything, fear disappears since when all is said and done, death can not be avoided.

In conclusion, provide a personal analysis of your own experience with illness and disease and how several factors colored that experience.
Lorimer, David. Survival? Body, mind, and death in the light of psych experience. Routledge, London. 1984.

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Ivan’s thought of his own death not only as a sign of relief to himself, but also to his wife and children. He battled with the idea that his death would bring joy to their lives as it would mark the end of their suffering. Instead of the original fear of death, he found out that there was light which illustrated joy. The phrase it is finished by people who were surrounding his death bed meant that death was already finished.

The Death of Ivan Ilych Leo Tolstoy

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Write an essay of 1000-1250 words to include a discussion of Leo Tolstoy’s ?The Death of Ivan Ilych.? You must use at least two well-documented, academic sources (Wikipedia and literature help sites such as SparkNotes are not acceptable). Essays must be your own work; see the sections on plagiarism and academic misconduct in the course policies. The essay is to be formatted, documented, and cited in MLA style.
In your essay, you may use the readings to show how the author and the selected works connect to time period, culture, and/or literary movement.