Mooyaart, was actually the real diary of Anne Frank.

Age: 8 Job: Tailor Dear Diary: I guess today is another thrilling day, and this morning I wake up at 4 o’clock in the morning to get ready to work by 5 am.

Frank Anne’s diary from the days of living in the annex.

Dear Diary It has finally happened, one of the most dreadful days of my life....

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In July 1945, after the Red Cross confirmed the death of the Frank sisters, Otto Frank passed Anne’s diary to historians who made continuous attempts to publish it....

Dear Diary, I've lived on this here ranch for many years now, ..

Dear Diary
I’ve spent much of the last year churning through diaries. Mainly diaries written by politicians or political people.

Both the play and film version of The Diary of Anne Frank focus on Anne Frank and her family's experiences in hiding.
Anne Frank claims her fame by writing a diary Diary of Anne Frank that got published after she died.

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Dear Diary Dear diary.. D , now I ve not wrote for almost a week. It s because I ve been on a study-trip to Dublin in Ireland.. I told you about it before

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Dear Diary, November 6th Act I- First Half Aye what I fear most has begun in our small town of Salem

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