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In his essay "Dante" (1929)[]Eliot provided this translation:

Now can you understand the quality of love that warms me towards you, so that I forget our vanity, and treat the shadows like the solid thing.

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Dante TS Eliot 1921 The Sacred Wood; Essays on Poetry

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In his essay "Dante" (1929)[]Eliot provided this translation (emphasis added):

'I am Arnold, who weeps and goes singing.

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All these lay in the future when Eliot wrote his first great essay on Dante in the 1920s, yet such prophetic imaginative insight and intuition did he have that he foretold them in the language and imagery of «The Waste Land», a poem directly inspired by Dante's infernal vision.

eliot essay on dante
eliot essay on dante

The Cream of T.S. Eliot's Literary Criticism

T s eliot 1929 dante essay

"I'll show you fear in a handful of dust." (Eliot, T.S

T s eliot essay dante

Eliot’s first major poem, “The Love Song of J