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This can be denoted as the process through which nurses are encouraged to directly take part in cross-cultural interactions with patients who hail from diverse backgrounds in an effort at increasing their cultural competence.

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Cultural sensitivity and awareness in the delivery of health care

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The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate the need for cultural competence, cultural understanding, and communication in the provision of care to Hispanic populations.
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In the 2011 article titled Cultural Sensitivity and Awareness in the Delivery of Health Care, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists argues that communication between health providers and their patients can only be improved if the health care providers find means through which they can eradicate the gap that exists between the beliefs, practices, and medical culture that are incorporated into the value systems of any given patient.

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Another factor that should be taken into consideration is cultural skill, which refers to the ability of a nurse to collect vital cultural data about the problem presented by a patient and accurately carrying out a culturally precise physical assessment.

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Cultural Awareness in Nursing Practice. Introduction In this essay my aim is to describe and discuss my own Filipino cultural background and how it …

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