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One could cite certain artistic and cultural influencesas precipitating conditions: The Renaissance ideology of the dignityof man, first established in Italy during the fifteenth century,arrived in Germany through Dürer and occasioned his self-celebrations;new styles of piety, caused by broad changes in society, redefinedthe function of images, and Dürer's self-portraits are oneresponse to this new function; an intensified interest in self-controland self-exploration, evident in all spheres of culture, affectedthe art of Dürer and his heirs.

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The tiny portrait also reflects the influence of Francis Bacon, another of Whiteley’s artist heroes, and of Asian culture, in which people are often portrayed as merely part of a larger landscape.
Look closely at the work and find the signs and symbols Whiteley uses to represent himself as an artist.

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Her co-author, Frances Borzello, is a London-based art historian who has written extensively on cultural and gender issues and is a specialist in women artists' self-portraiture.

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The essay compares Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Diptych with Yasumasa Morimura’s Self-Portrait. Warhol’s Marilyn Diptych is an acrylic on canvas painted in 1962. This

They are cultural heroes and their femininity is no longer denied.

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