Those films can be at least 22 minutes long.

The first narrative dramas,being maybe five minutes long, would start tobecome common around 1905, beginning with George Melies "A Trip To The Moon" in 1902.

Also, the concepts I have built here are for my own use.

Sample Critique Before we get started I want to explain what I mean aboutfilm as it is today.

Ido not consider them written in stone, or even perfect.

Dennis is the eternal optimist and turns the darkest outcome into an opportunity. His eternal optimism is partly based on his faith. As the Dalai Lama once said, optimism is the only attitude worth having when faced with dire challenges. The eternal optimism of a promoter of Dennis’s stature is a challenging fit with the mentality needed to investigate and develop technologies. Visionaries see the goal, and "realists" get there. It is rare to find one person possessing both attributes in great measure. Dennis is not the universal man, and it is doubtful whether any exist in today's world. Dennis is not a scientist, nor does he need to be. However, it was educational to see him understand some technologies . Dennis was heavily involved in developing the that he used to market. Scientists and engineers are often , being unable to think past their textbooks.

They help me come to a decision.

Dennis learned painful lessons about developing and marketing new technologies, although he has probably also been subject to the "" strategies of the energy interests, being subtly sabotaged. I wish that there were a hundred like Dennis, so that he would not be a target. Dennis is prominent by default. He is doing something that anybody else could do, but his combination of integrity, talent, and courage is extremely rare . The answer for those asserting that they can make it happen (usually asserted while attacking Dennis) is "Nothing is stopping you from doing it yourself. Dennis has no monopoly on it."

I will only critique films that have been first shown on the big screen.

Do not look at themas being silly.

Then Mr. Skeptic spent a few paragraphs comparing Dennis to his snake-oil model. At best, Mr. Skeptic evidenced no investigation of the existing and marketed technologies, but hung his hat on whether Dennis had free energy. Mr. Skeptic’s theorizing was amusing and I thought the article harmless until the final paragraph, where Mr. Skeptic committed libel. It was not a gentle, unknowing libel. Mr. Skeptic was too knowledgeable to attribute that paragraph to ignorance. He knowingly lied, but was calculating about he lied. It would be no surprise if a lawyer reviewed Mr. Skeptic’s article before publication. That article was the crowning work of Mr. Skeptic’s debunking career. He was quite proud of it.

It was not entirely silent either.

The important thing is to understand that sub-genre helps break up the genresso that we have an even better understanding of what the film is really about before we evenview it.

Amovie has to be at least 67 minutes long, unless it was released before 1910.

Even the way we watchfilms has changed.

Today’s is insane. Drugs and surgical procedures, with extremely few exceptions, are the . That is not because they are the best, but because they are the most lucrative. Watching alternative cancer treatments being , or seeing , and attacked because they suggest that changing our diets , is indicative of a tremendous racket that rakes in the cash as millions die needlessly.

When the theater system is replaced by something in the future, I will thanthink of change.

RING-GIVING: See discussion under .

Mr. Skeptic wrote that Dennis "pled guilty to two felony counts of consumer fraud" in California. In , Dennis produced his prison records and court transcript of the proceedings. The judge said that:

I donot like to force my beliefs or morals or my form of criticism on anyone.

The first camera,first actor, first film stock, etc.

“The reports that Lee was indicted for fraud in New Jersey in 1975, charged with fraud in the state of Washington in 1985, and pled guilty to two felony counts of consumer fraud in California in 1990 in connection with the sale of his energy-saving heat pump kit. Well, what the hell... they say Jim Bakker is planning a comeback, too.”