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One of the goals outlined in College of DuPage's missionstatement is to "promote critical and creative thinking." Forthis unit, we will focus on 1) defining critical thinking and creativity, 2)examining why fostering students' development of these two sets of skills isconsidered a priority in higher education, 3) comparing and contrasting criticalthinking and creative thinking, 4) analyzing teaching and learning processeswith an eye toward discovering which strategies do the best job of promotingcritical thinking and creativity, 5) exercising our critical and creativefaculties by reading, analyzing, and discussing a variety of sources, andfinally 6) writing analytical essays in which we synthesize what we've learnedabout critical thinking and creativity in order to support an argument or thesisof our own devising.

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As you've no doubt already discovered, taking a Rhetoric andComposition course makes the ideal occasion for contemplating critical thinkingand creativity, for all of our tasks--reading, responding, synthesizing sources,developing a thesis, organizing support for that thesis, and finding the wordsthat best express our positions--demand that we think both critically andcreatively. Some have said that a blank page is "God's way ofreminding us that it isn't so easy being God." All of us who've ever staredat a blank sheet of paper or a blinking cursor in our word processors certainlyknow the truth of that: filling blank space with clear, compelling wordsisn't always easy. Faced with a blank page and a looming deadline, wemight be tempted to wait for inspiration to strike, magically placing that full-blown essay, letter, memo, or research project in our brains, butinspiration is rarely as cooperative a creature as we might like it to be. Studying critical and creative thinking, then, offers us a means of assertinggreater control over our thinking, reading, and writing processes. Ratherthan waiting for inspiration to strike, we can and should develop more reliablestrategies for developing ideas.

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The aim of creative thinking is to stimulate curiosity and promote divergence.

While critical thinking can be thought of as more left-brain and creative thinking more right brain, they both involve "thinking." When we talk about HOTS "higher-order thinking skills" we're concentrating on the top three levels of Bloom's Taxonomy: analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.
dates, events, places, vocabulary, key ideas, parts of diagram, 5Ws

find meaning, transfer, interpret facts, infer cause & consequence, examples

use information in new situations, solve problems

recognize and explain patterns and meaning, see parts and wholes

discuss "what if" situations, create new ideas, predict and draw conclusions

make recommendations, assess value and make choices, critique ideas

Domain Attributes: interpersonal relations, emotions, attitudes, appreciations, and values from Family Education Network's TeacherVision from University of Victoria - This page lists the six levels of the cognitive domain with examples.Other Sites from University of Cape Town, South Africa by G.

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Productive Thinking Model Framework to help us think better, think more effectively, and think more powerfully. Used to generate fresh solutions to tough business problems. Used to separate thinking into creative thinking and critical thinking.

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As stated in Kirst-Ashman’s book; Critical thinking is the careful scrutiny of what is stated as true or what appears to be true and the resulting expression of an opinion or conclusion based on that scrutiny, and (2) the creative formulation of an opinion or conclusion when presented with a question, problem or issue, (Kist-Ashman, 2011, p....

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However, critical thinking needs to be employed throughout the decision-making process so that we adequately understand the situation and assess potential values and creative options.