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Palahniuk definitely succeeded at writing something controversial. The book has been accused of having , and the movie, a faithful adaptation, was called "a fascist rhapsody posing as a metaphor of liberation." (). Both the novel and the movie were so successful at tapping into human emotion, that an assortment of popped up across the world. So, yeah, Fight Club was the start of something big for this disaffected generation.

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Before people identified themselves as part of the 99%, and before people Occupied Wall Street, there was Fight Club. Palahniuk's 1996 novel was a kick in the teeth, distilling the frustrations of the American working class—specifically the American working class male—into its purest, most primal essence.

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Although it wasn't the first piece he wrote, the 1996 Fight Club was 's first published novel. Unable to get his first novel, , published because it was a wee bit too disturbing, Palahniuk set out to write something even more controversial. Palahniuk expanded a short story he had written into a full-length novel, and Fight Club was born kicking and screaming into the world, ready to take names. After achieving success with Fight Club (in no small part thanks to the movie), Palahniuk has gone on to author twelve additional novels.

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You are the all-singing, all-dancing crap of the world.” This is the underlying message in Fincher’s Fight Club (1999), which satirically analyzes and critiques consumerism.

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