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The only relevant issue, question and hope, was whether Blume could now actually duplicate the unprecedented performance of the original Tektron/Frankenstein, in a manufactured component, available to the public (and with a 300B output tube). The answer took 18 months to resolve, but it was (and even more so). This brings us to the present, and the of this essay, where I will now describe how the Coincident Frankenstein outperforms all the other amplifiers I've heard.

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I’m a regular visitor of your site, and I noticed with excitement that the Frankenstein finally unseated your modded Golden Tube. I visited the Coincident website and saw the photos. I have no doubt that the performance is phenomenal, but I would wish the amps looked a bit less edgy (with that hexagonal casing). But the sound is, of course, the first priority.

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We did have serious problems at first with the US versions of the amps, because I specified a switch instead of internal hard wiring, as in the Italian versions. Those amps were early production. The original switches melted shut at 5.0V, allowing the use of only the 50 tube unless the switch was disabled, and hard wiring adopted! That is no longer a problem, as we use a $35 super switch from Japan!! Then we put a Sophia Electric "Princess" tube in the Tektrons, running at 3.5V, with no other modifications needed. This is the only amp I know that will run this tube apart from a now discontinued Sophia model. If you liked the "Frankenstein's", you would have been blown away with this combo!! I had to sell the tubes to the gentleman, he would not let them go. Note- These were the "Princess" tube Sophia sells, that is a cross between the 300B and 105D, and the new 300B "Princess". I believe the Brennemans were sold shortly after...

In the 1818 text, Frankenstein wasinspired to investigate the principles of life by ProfessorWaldman's first lecture -- a panegyric of contemporary .

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Even now my blood boils at therecollection of this injustice.()Frankenstein presents himself as trapped within his ownconsciousness using the very image of bound:

For an instant I dared to shake off my chains and look around mewith a free and lofty spirit, but the iron had eaten into myflesh, and I sank again, trembling and hopeless, into mymiserable self.()
Only once is the being able to forget his bitterness againstFrankenstein and react intuitively to the natural world aroundhim.

Frankenstein'snarrative represents and endorses the message of  in a mundane setting, casting himself as Adam and hisfather as a kind of God figure.

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Israel Blume auditioned all of these above mentioned amplifiers, at length, and in his own system, mainly to hear how they worked with his speakers. Blume also had another pair of similarly modified GTA 300B amps for lengthy periods. So while he would be enthusiastic about a recent amplifier discovery, he would also admit to me that it still did not equal the performance of my (and his) GTA 300B reference in its strengths; ultra-low sound-floor, naturalness and lack of an electronic character. However, the arrival of the Tektron/Frankenstein (TF), in the Summer of 2005, finally ended that 10 year victory streak. At first, it was hard for me to believe this unexpected result, but I soon visited Blume, and it didn't take me long to hear for myself the unique qualities of this, literally, one-of-a-kind amplifier.

Indeed, it is their exchange ofsituations and characteristics that confirms our impression thatthe being is Frankenstein's Doppelgänger.

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Finally, I will attempt to help readers decide whether the Frankenstein is a viable option for them, in either their present system, or one in the planning stage. This is critical, because the Frankenstein, due to its limited power, is definitely not for everyone. However, even though its rated power is nominally less than 10 watts, its unique design makes it compatible with many of the speakers that can be successfully driven by amplifiers such as the Dynaco Stereo 70, Manley Retro/Neo, Quad II and VTL Tiny-Triode (tube amps in the 15 to 30 watt range).

All pagereferences for  refer to this edition. See especially (1972) for Victor Frankenstein as a critique of Shelley. Johnson (1982), p.

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The most he can do is toattempt what Nietzsche calls the slave revolt in morals, merelyreversing the values of his 'natural lord and king' (). In this context, he echoesMilton's Satan: 'Evil thenceforth became my good', (). The benevolence he is able to findin Frankenstein in his love for his family and race, he pervertsin himself:

I have murdered the lovely and the helpless; I have strangledthe innocent as they slept . . .