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Other critics emphasize the notion that science fiction offers a "menu" of Utopian futures based on new technological contexts for the human being, intended to be self-fulfilling prophecies; and also a "menu" of Dystopian futures, in which some unhealthy trend is extrapolated to a horrible extent, intended to be cautionary tales or self-defeating prophecies.

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White's "Mistress Masham's Repose"An interesting article in "The Quill and the Unicorn" speculates on a possible historical origin for Fairy tales:{This genre essay most recently updated: 4 April 1998} Fictional and Nonfictional glimpses of an ideal futureScience fiction, in its extremes, presents us with a menu of extremely dreadful futures ("") and absolutely wonderful futures ("Utopias").

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Some Arthurian literature had minor utopian elements in the idealization of King Arthur's court at Camelot, but the medieval poets mostly romanticized an imaginary past rather than using hypothetical utopias as a means of critiquing political structures and imagining alternatives.

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