Jorge Lopes Ramos, Executive Director

The Collective Imagination explores the social foundations of the human imagination. In a lucid and wide-ranging discussion, Peter Murphy looks at the collective expression of the imagination in our economies, universities, cities, and political systems, providing a tour-de-force account of the power of the imagination to unite opposites and find similarities among things that we ordinarily think of as different. It is not only individuals who possess the power to imagine; societies do as well. A compelling journey through various peak moments of creation, this book examines the cities and nations, institutions and individuals who ply the paraphernalia of paradoxes and dialogues, wry dramaturgy and witty expression that set the act of creation in motion. Whilst exploring the manner in which, through the media of pattern, figure, and shape, and the miracles of metaphor, things come into being, Murphy recognises that creative periods never last: creative forms invariably tire; inventive centres inevitably fade. The Collective Imagination explores the contemporary dilemmas and historic pathos caused by this-as cities and societies, periods and generations slip behind in the race for economic and social discovery. Left bewildered and bothered, and struggling to catch up, they substitute empty bombast, faded glory, chronic dullness or stolid glumness for initiative, irony, and inventiveness. A comprehensive audit of the creativity claims of the post-modern age - that finds them badly wanting and looks to the future - The Collective Imagination will appeal to sociologists and philosophers concerned with cultural theory, cultural and media studies and aesthetics.

Persis Jadé Maravala, Artistic Director

An interactive exhibition that combines art, performance and technology in three installations.

A new translation from the Old English.

Don Juan Tenorio, in English verse, with parallel Spanish text and line numbers (translated in collaboration with Nancy Mayberry).

A similarly modernised version.

Translations of poems in the European Languages from: Sappho, Catullus, Dante, Petrarch, Goethe, Leopardi, Pushkin, Heine, Baudelaire, Mallarmé, Mandelstam and Machado.

Each with a prose equivalent to aid comprehension.

His drama, Phaedra, in a new English verse translation.

A modernised version or translation, retaining Chaucer's rhyme scheme, and close to the original, but eliminating archaisms which would require explanatory notes.

His drama, Andromache, in a new English verse translation.

A similarly modernised version, including: The Book of the Duchess, The House of Fame, The Parliament of Fowls, The Legend of Good Women, Selected Shorter Poems - including Merciless Beauty

Selected poems, in English verse.

We believe artists should champion their practice as a vital contributor to political discourse and cultural debate. ZU-UK have a rich history of cross-disciplinary collaboration which enables us to constantly questions our assumptions about art and art-making. This approach also allows us to constantly experiment with new methods of producing live art works and of finding different ways of articulating our practice to new communities.

A new Anthology of 1400 Quotations from the complete works arranged by theme.

Atala. Love and religion in the wilds of America.

By Mickey Huff and Andy Lee Roth, with a foreword by Sarah van Gelder and cartoons by Khalil Bendib. Now available for order worldwide! Only $19.95 plus shipping. Take a look at the table of contents .

The complete sonnets of Astrophil & Stella, each with a prose equivalent to aid comprehension.

Joachim Du Bellay's Les Antiquités de Rome.

A modernised version or translation, retaining the alliterative style, and close to the original, but eliminating archaisms which would require explanatory notes.

René. A new translation of this key text of French Romanticism. The sequel to Atala.

The Sonnets of Louise Labé in translation.

The T’ang Dynasty and the Tao. A study of Taoism and the history of T’ang China, with biographies of the poets Wang Wei, Li Po, and Tu Fu, and new translations of their poetry.