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The Kite Runner is a film following the publication novel by Khaled Hosseini. Marc Foster directed the film in relation to the themes, plot, and characterization of the novel by Khaled. The film was released in 2007. It had great impact on the viewers through various essential and vital awards. These awards include BFCA Critics’ Choice and Satellite Awards for the Best Young actor and original score respectively. The film is based in the California, United States and Afghanistan (Hosseini, 2007). The film displays elements of traditional and contemporary societies through its relevant themes and plot developments. In this research exercise, the focus will be on critical critique of the film in relation to several factors. These factors include storytelling, acting, cinematography, editing, sound, style and directing, genre, impacts, analysis, and themes.

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The Kite Runner has great impact on the society. It is also experience influence of the society in relation to its themes and subject matter. Gender imbalance with the society is one of the essential factors in relation to the plot development of the kite runner. This is through clear indication of the roles and societal expectations of the male and female society members. Political influence is also another critical factor in the plot and settings development for the realization of the targets of the film. This is because the film integrates political and historical events in Afghanistan monarchy in 1970 up to aspects of post-Taliban. The situation in Afghanistan contributes to the plot development thus great influence in the creation and direction of the film the kite runner.

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Marc Foster achieves most of his goals and targets in the development and direction of the film under the influence of the kite runner novel. This is evident through spectacular cinematography, quality soundtrack, effective editing, fascinating acting, and appropriate choice of characters and settings for the development of the film. The film has great impact on the society. This complements the role of the society in its development through integration of political, economic, and social aspects. The director achieves his goals in the demonstration of critical themes such as past connections, redemptions, love, and tension among the characters in the development of the film. These qualities continue to make the film a massive production through its connection with the viewers.

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