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This 6 page paper summarizes articles having to do with various sociological issues including men's health, gender identification and cosmetic surgery.

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A 4 page paper which examines the history of cosmetic surgery. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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A 10 page paper that describes how a company might go about marketing a new cosmetic line in Brazil. Natural Beauty is a new fictitious company that has had remarkable success in the U.S. and has decided to expand to an international market beginning with Brazil. Economic reforms initiated in 1994 combined with a strong cosmetic market in the country have made Brazil an ideal region in which to expand. The essay includes discussions about the Brazilian cosmetic and toiletries market environment, laws regarding the conduct of business in the country, and a marketing plan. With the exception of information about the new company, all information, including statistics regarding the cosmetic and import market, is factual. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

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A 4 page research paper that argues that it is reasonable and warranted for health insurance and Medicare to cover bariatric surgery when it is done for health, rather than cosmetic, reasons. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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The ability to sell any product or services is likely to be reliant on the marketing. For marketing to be effective marketers need to understand the motivation behind a purchase. This 9 page paper looks at the motivation behind the purchase of cosmetic surgery using feminist models and the desire for empowerment as a framework for examination of the purchase motivation. The bibliography cites 12 sources.

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A 9 page research paper that discusses plastic surgery. The writer begins by citing statistics that show that more and more people are choosing to have cosmetic plastic surgery and then offers a review of literature that gives an overview of the topic, discussing different types of plastic surgery, as well as cosmetic plastic surgery as a cultural phenomenon, that is, why people choose to have elective surgery. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

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An 11 page research paper on lasers and laser technology. The writer defines �laser beam'.. gives examples of lasers in medicine where some remarkable procedures are occuring including : lasers and cosmetic surgery; lasers and ophthamology; lasers and the military; laser technology in the office; lasers for fun: holography, entertainment, and more. Lasers have diverse uses and have revolutionized differenct areas of life. Extensive bibliography is included.

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In seven pages this paper examines why people in the twenty-first century are becoming increasingly addicted to cosmetic surgery in an overview that includes history, symptoms, treatment, and also discusses body dysmorphic disorder and its implications. Five sources are listed in the bibliography.