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In another incident, a class xi student in Ahmedabad accused a teacher of having hit him so hard that he suffered a temporary loss of hearing. Making a student kneel down or stand for hours, pinching and slapping are all set to be banned under plants to widen the definition of corporal punishment in school.

Essay corporal punishment should banned schools

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Essay corporal punishment should schools banned.

In 1998 the Texas Civil Rights Project accused this school of, among other things, excessive corporal punishment. The authors do not oppose paddling but claimed the school principal used it "with absurd frequency and for strange reasons". Some students reported getting as many as 15 swats in a single day. Over 20 students at once had been seen lining up outside the principal's office awaiting their swats. I thought that was pretty normal for Texas -- and why not? -- but the Civil Rights Project sternly disapproves. NOTE: the report itself seems no longer to be on line, but this page is a form you can use to order it by post at $20.

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1991 experiment at a Tennessee school with historically high levels of corporal punishment. I can see why Saturday school is better than suspension or expulsion but I do not understand why it should be taken as read that it is also better than paddling, which is a great deal quicker and cheaper.

Short essay on corporal punishment should be banned in schools
11/02/2015 · Corporal punishment is ineffective and should be banned, according to a

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Anti-CP brigade having a go at one Michael Wetton, quoting several newspaper articles of cases where he got into some trouble over bare-bottom paddlings (of girls as well as boys) in Arizona. In the latest development he had turned up in the UK and founded a new boys' school advertising a "firm disciplined atmosphere". But meanwhile corporal punishment had been banned in UK private schools anyway.

The question posed is, should corporal punishment be used in public schools

Should corporal punishment be permitted in public schools

Long paper (1998) from the Reason Foundation points out that school violence is nothing new, very difficult to measure, and does not lend itself to simplistic, one-size-fits-all answers. Schools vary a lot, but there is no hard evidence that "zero tolerance", or any recent return to a more punitive approach, actually work. Because of the constraints on public schools, private schools may be better placed to experiment and find innovative solutions. See Section B.4 on corporal punishment. Where public schools are concerned, it is suggested that the "parental right" to paddle should not be claimed by a school without the parents' explicit consent. In private schools, on the other hand, the authors think that if parents want CP they should be able to have it.
The paper also states that teachers at the Malcolm X Academy in Detroit, a public "Afrocentric" school, are free to spank unruly students. This information must be very out-of-date, because Michigan abolished CP in 1989.

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I got Martha's old sorority paddle from my desk, where it hadbeen stored since August, just in case I ever needed it. The boybent over and grabbed his lower legs while I gave him three swatsas dad witnessed. I knew by his reaction that the paddle stung,and thus the desired effect had been achieved. I then reached outand shook the boys hand, told him there were no hard feelings,and sent him back to class. Dad thanked me, reminded me thatfuture problems were also to be handled with the board, and left.

I spent a few minutes reflecting on what had just happened. Therealization came over me that my job would never be the same. Upuntil today, I had not paddled a single student because thesuperintendent and principal didn't think it was a gooddisciplinary tool....

The student whom I had just paddled was about to tell his friendsabout the experience. The word would soon be all over campus aswell as the town. Thus the paddling of one fifteen-year-old highschool boy would have a disciplinary effect on the entire student body.

From my experience, it was like a new tool being added to mychest. I knew that corporal punishment would now be an optionthat I would use in the future. In the overall disciplinaryscheme, it fit neatly between detention and suspension. Amisbehaving student for whom detention would be too light apunishment and for whom suspension would be too strong apunishment could now be paddled.... It's not the answer forevery student's disciplinary problems, but it is the answer for alot of them.