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The opponents of natural rights often complain that the advocates of natural rights are not logically consistent, because we continually shift between inequivalent definitions of natural law. They gleefully manufacture long lists of “logical contradictions”. Indeed, the definitions we use are not logically equivalent, but because of the nature of man and the nature of the world, they are substantially equivalent in practice. These complaints by the opponents of natural rights are trivial hair splitting, and pointless legalistic logic chopping. It is easy to imagine in principle a world where these definitions were not equivalent. If humans were intelligent bees, rather than intelligent apes, these definitions would not be equivalent, and the concept of natural law would be trivial or meaningless, but we are what we are and the world is what it is, and these definitions, the definitions of natural law, are equivalent, not by some proof of pure reason, but by history, experience, economics, and observation.

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English contract law is a body of law regulating contracts in England and Wales

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I would expect courts to reject this argument, becausethe doctrine of at-will employment — for reasons explainedby courts — overrides conventional contract law.

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I did a search of all the reported cases from state courts in the USA,in the WESTLAW database on 29 July 2000 that mention"at-will", "employ!", "adhesion", and "contract" all in the same paragraph.

The doctrine of at-will employment overridesbasic concepts in well-established contract law, such as:

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However, from the beginning of at-will employment in the 1890s tothe recognition of public-policy exceptions to at-will employment inthe 1980s — an interval of approximately ninety years — thecourts seem to have regarded the doctrine of at-will employment assomehow completely overriding basic rules of contract law.

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() Wieder sued and the highest courtin New York State held that Wieder had a cause of action forbreach of an implied-in-fact contract, even though Wieder was anat-will employee of the law firm.

However, the Court of Appeals did recognize that the defendant law firmhad breached an implied-in-fact contract with Wieder.

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Judicial ReluctanceIn the previous section of this essay,I discussed the legal doctrine of refusing to enforce contractsthat are contrary to public policy.

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At the time that Locke wrote, natural law was about to become customary law, because the state was disarmed and the people armed. For the most part the common law of Locke's time was already consistent with natural law, but on some matters judges had to perform contortions to render the form of common law consistent with the substance of natural law. Much common law came from Roman law, and the law of the late roman empire was often quite contrary to natural law. Freedom of association is a right under natural law, a crime under Roman law. Under the law of the roman empire any association not compulsory was forbidden. In order to avoid repudiating roman law without violating natural law, the English courts had to perform elaborate contortions, and today the 59th sole prerogative of the holy roman emperor still lives on in America, in the form of the concession theory, which holds that a corporation is a part of the state, a portion of state power in private hands. This bizarre and convoluted legal fiction is highly inconvenient for businessmen, vastly lucrative for lawyers, and is a dangerously potent weapon in the hands of irresponsible bureaucrats and lawless judges.

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The best present day example of a society with strong social controls and weak government controls, a society with plurality of force, is Switzerland. (Kopel, p278- 302) In peacetime the Swiss army has no generals, no central command. Everyone is his own policeman. By no coincidence Switzerland is also the best modern example of the right to bear arms. Almost every house in Switzerland contains one or more automatic weapons, the kind of guns that the American federal government calls “assault rifles with cop killer bullets”. Switzerland has strict gun controls to keep guns out of the hands of children, lunatics and criminals, but every law abiding adult can buy any kind of weapon. Almost every adult male owns at least one gun, and most have more than one, because of social pressures and the expectation that a respectable middle class male citizen should be well armed and skillful in the use of arms. It is also no coincidence that respect for property rights in Switzerland is amongst the highest in the world, possibly the highest in the world. Switzerland also has lower tax levels than any other industrialized country.