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The three-way distinction basic to social contract theories reappears in Rawls' thought is as follows (I am simplifying somewhat):

(1) The Original Position (2) The Just Social Order whose Basic Structure described by the Two Principles of Justice (3) Actual Society
Representative persons in the Original Position are to choose principles of justice that would govern the basic structure of a (just and fair) social order.

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Social Contract TheoryOne of the most discussed elements of Rawls' view of justice as fairness is his "modeling" device known as the Original Position.

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Contractarianism, which stems from the Hobbesian line of socialcontract thought, holds that persons are primarily self-interested,and that a rational assessment of the best strategy for attaining themaximization of their self-interest will lead them to act morally(where the moral norms are determined by the maximization of jointinterest) and to consent to governmental authority. Contractarianismargues that we each are motivated to accept morality “firstbecause we are vulnerable to the depredations of others, and secondbecause we can all benefit from cooperation with others”(Narveson 1988, 148). Contractualism, which stems from the Kantianline of social contract thought, holds that rationality requires thatwe respect persons, which in turn requires that moral principles besuch that they can be justified to each person. Thus, individuals arenot taken to be motivated by self-interest but rather by a commitmentto publicly justify the standards of morality to which each will beheld. Where Gauthier, Narveson, or economist James Buchanan are theparadigm Hobbesian contractarians, Rawls or Thomas Scanlon would bethe paradigm Kantian contractualists. The rest of this entry willspecifically pertain to the contractarian strain wherever the twodiverge.

Rawls attempts to establish a reasoned account of social justice through the social contract approach.
Essay-Rawls theory of social justice has been based on the social contract model that defines moral conceptions

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The foregoing is relatively uncontroversial, but what madeRawls’ (and Barry’s) arguments so interesting was theirclaim that this line of reasoning actually leads to much stronger (andmore contentious) requirements for social justice. They note that evenwith formal equality of opportunity, there will remain many factorsover which people have no control but which will affect their lifetimeeconomic prospects, such as whether a person’s family can affordto purchase good quality educational opportunities or health care. Asociety therefore will have reasons to adopt a more substantialequality of opportunity principle, with equal opportunities foreducation, health care, etc.—the same reasons it had foradopting a merely formal equality of opportunity principle.

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