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1. First and second pages please write an essay about “The contention that same-sex marriage degrades morality and culture is an empirical claim. If so what evidence if any can be used to support or oppose the practice” No more than two pages for this topic please.

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In this essay I will focus on the events surrounding the regulation of Alar (diaminozide) up to and including 1985, as a case-study of knowledge and decision-making amidst uncertainty (418-19).

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Introductions: Having already planned the essay, you should know your contention.
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Style becomes its own subject.

The English edition of was translated by Lord Alfred Douglas in 1893, although there was some contention at the time, as Wilde objected to the "schoolboy faults" of Douglas' attempt.

A major point of contention was the structure of the new legislative branch

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This essay will explore the topic of the characteristics of school environments that promote positive student outcomes and the studies that suggest the importance of these characteristics....

When you write your essay, you have to have an opinion (contention) about the question, “Should a boy be considered a man because of his age?”

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the jewelled cuirass, of which every chain is a precious stone, seems to be ablaze with little snakes of fire, swarming over the mat flesh, over the tea-rose skin, like gorgeous insects with dazzling shards ...

Huysmans does not confine himself to a simple reproduction of the painting's content; indeed, his analysis of Moreau's work reads like that of an art history textbook.