Uta Hagen teaches an acting class and watches student scenes.

I am a budding actress and often feel I need to go back to where I started and remember the fundamental teachings of acting as it is so important to go back to the books!

An acting teacher explains the Meisner technique in better detail.

Actor Mark Ruffalo explains his use of Adler's techniques on Inside the Actors Studio.

Bertolt Brecht or AntoninArtaud.

Ideally an actor should be carried away in his part, by the subconscious (as long as it carries him in the right direction). But it’s impossible to control the subconscious without destroying it.

Franklin D. RooseveltHe was President a lot of times.

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James Watt
Yes, his steam engine led to the Industrial Revolution, which led people from the country to the city. But what's more impressive is all the things that are named after him: the kilowatt, megawatt, gigawatt, nanowatt, microwatt, picowatt, femtowatt, terawatt and petawatt. But not the "What you talkin 'bout, Willis," which was invented by Gary Coleman, who did not make the list.

Jean-Jacques RousseauHe was the Occupy movement guy of his time.

He represented everything that was good about the Enlightenment and France and then, quickly, everything that was bad about the Enlightenment and France. Plus, before him, no one had a quick way to explain what jerks short guys are.

Lao TzuYeah, I left off Mencius. Mencius is the Socrates of China.

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Martin Luther King Jr.A holiday and a U2 song? I need no further justification.

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I would suggest Jean Benedetti's translation for anyone who's interested in a clearer and less paradoxical interpretation of Stanislavski's work.

Lee Strasberg talks an acting class about the importance of backstory.

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It’s often tritely said, that the dead live on in what they leave behind. In Boal’s case this is probably, appropriate as the legacy of his work is real, vibrant and very alive.

Abraham LincolnI was on the fence about this one until I heard about the vampire hunting.

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You must “live the part” by “actually experiencing feelings that are analogous to it, each and every time you repeat the process of creating it.”