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A seminal event in Europe's rise was the reintroduction of Classic Greek writings. It happened during the conquest of the Iberian Peninsula by . Islamic libraries housed Greek writings, and when the , Christian scholars from across Europe traveled to that library, , and Europe was never the same. The .

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By 20-17 mya, apes became common in East Africa, , up to 90 kilograms, and some . Nearly all apes eventually abandoned tropical canopies, and although monkeys were scarce in the Miocene, they stayed and dominate them today. The number of monkey species increased and ape species have decreased rather steadily over the past 20 million years. With that late-Oligocene warming that continued into the , tropical forests began expanding again. When Africa and Arabia finally crashed into Eurasia and , apes escaped Africa beginning about 16.5 mya. They had thickly enameled teeth suited to the non-fruit foods available outside rainforests. Their migrations resulted in new homes that spanned Eurasia, from Europe to Siberia to China to Southeast Asia. It was a spectacular that tallied more than 20 discovered ape species so far, and has been called the Golden Age of Apes. That is how gibbons and orangutans arrived in Asia. About 14 mya in Africa, the , and about 12.5 mya the . By that time, and orangutans continued down their evolutionary path, isolated from their African cousins. One . A descendant from the , at three meters tall and more than 500 kilograms. Below is a comparison of that primate to humans. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

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Africa was also isolated from other continents during those times and developed its own unique fauna. The first about 60 mya, Africa remained their evolutionary home, and lived in Africa in the mid-Oligocene. are relatives of elephants, they have never strayed far from their initial home in Africa, and were Africa’s dominant herbivore for many millions of years, beginning in the Oligocene. Some reached horse size, and a . The seems to have begun in North America in the early Eocene, and rhinos did not reach Africa until the Miocene.

1) Heat loss – Heat loss is the amount of energy that is able to escape from your home through both conduction and radiation.
All types of energy and work can be included in this very general statement of conservation of energy.

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Examine all the forces involved and determine whether you know or are given the potential energy from the work done by the forces.
If you know the potential energies for the forces that enter into the problem, then forces are all conservative, and you can apply conservation of mechanical energy simply in terms of potential and kinetic energy.

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President Donald Trump has proposed a $1.2 billion Fiscal Year 2019 budget for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service that includes proposed legislation to establish a Public Lands Infrastructure Fund. The fund would take revenue from federal energy leasing and development and provide up to $18 billion for repairs and improvements in national wildlife refuges, national parks and Bureau of Indian Education funded schools. The Service's budget also includes $1.6 billion in permanent funding, which is administered to states through grants that support state wildlife and sport fish conservation, recreational boating and other related programs.

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Many different technologies have been developed that attempted to harness the zero-point field, and devices made from rotating magnets seem to be the most common prototypes (the effect begins to appear at about 2,000 RPMs in devices), but a solid-state device similar to would be the likely “winner” in any FE device contest. included concepts such as manipulating the space-time continuum, inter-dimensional energy transfer, and other fantastic ideas that nobody has an easy time comprehending. Sparky's paper could be seen as merely pretty and fanciful theorizing, but his device worked. I will never forget the awe in my close associate's voice as he described ice forming on Sparky's device as it began churning out electricity, and the wiring configuration defied conventional notions of electricity. Ice forming on it, as it begins outputting great amounts of energy (Sparky's device produced one million times more energy than went into it), is not confined to Sparky's device; in the FE field, that effect is one of the most impressive pieces of evidence that a device is accessing the zero-point field. A radically different physics than is taught to mainstream scientists in the early 21st century explains why Sparky's device worked. Sparky's device also produced antigravity effects, and the for which the research went black in the 1950s needed vast amounts of energy to operate. Those technologies far past what Sparky created in his home. FE and antigravity are interrelated in more ways than one, and the vision presented in this chapter will assume that those technologies are universally used by humanity.